The 2018 Gift Guide || For Pets

2018 Gift Guide - For Pets

After yesterday’s post, this gift guide for pets feel morbid I know.

But I wrote most of this over the Thanksgiving holiday with our precious pug Johnny in my lap. I wrote many of these recommendations with him in mind so today’s post has become an homage to him as well as an easy gift guide for any of the pets you’re buying presents for this year.

As I’ve stated in all of my gift guides:

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday behind us, I think we’re ALL diving head-first into “holiday mode”.

A.K.A. the inevitable scramble to find the perfect gifts for your loved ones.

And while retailers and brands are PUMPING out ads and products faster than we can keep up, giving the right gift isn’t just a matter of price or aesthetic.

It’s a vast combination of research, vetting, and usefulness. Something I take VERY seriously.

I believe giving the right gift is a slow process — one that shouldn’t be rushed.

But who has the time to VET every single holiday gift they buy?

I don’t. But this year I MADE time just for you. I set aside the last week to not only vet the Christmas gifts I’m gifting this year, but the vet them for you as well!

EVERY product in this gift guide is something I’m proud of (and a lot of the products I already own and love). Each product is something I would be happy to gift my closest relations and would earnestly spend my hard-earned money on. Every single product is something special, practical, useful, thoughtful, or truly beautiful. And every single product is on this list will hopefully make your furry friend’s holiday their most exciting ever…

The 2018 Gift Guide || For Pets

The perfect leather bow collar for your perfect gentleman of a pup.

The cutest floral dog bone and a cozy striped tent to nap in.

One woman’s journey to find herself with her pup alongside and the cleverest balloon-animal toy.

A pupster passport for the traveling pooch and the perfect newsboy cap for the cat you love to torture.

Catnip-filled chocolate-covered strawberries and the coolest travel pet bowl.

A pillow replica of your furry friend and a scratching pad laptop for the cat who always sits on your desk.

A champagne squeaky toy for the refined pooch and a chic guide to dog breeds.

The cutest après-ski sweater and the best bowl for the “dog person” in your life (there’s a “cat person” version too!).

The perfect toy for the anglophile dog and a cheeky little fortune cookie cat toy.

A cozy plaid coat to keep them warm and the classiest carrier to transport them in.

Deodorizing bath wipes are always helpful (we’ve used these for years!) and a chic little fairisle sweater.

A squeaky camera for the pet who loves getting their photo taken (looking at you, Apollo) and an adorable denim jacket.

A timeless chambray pet bed and the perfect personalized pet portrait.


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