London || Platform 9 3/4

At the risk of embarrassing myself completely, I have to admit that my whole family and I are all HUGE fans of Harry Potter. We used to go to all the midnight releases of the books back when I was…


Vegas Eats || Bouchon Bistro at The Venetian

Ever since I’ve started working in the restaurant industry as a photographer, I’ve kept a bucket list of restaurant “must trys”. The sort of places I’ve heard from countless sources are ground-breaking, life-changing, and undoubtedly worth the trip to try.…


My In-Flight Skincare Routine

These past few months I’ve been traveling a lot for both family reasons and for pleasure. I’ve already logged more in-air time in the past six months than in the past two years previous! And while I love to travel…


My Florida Uniform

“I go to Florida sometimes for vacation. I actually really like Florida. It’s a weird place, it’s surreal. It’s so close, but you feel like you’re in another world or on an island.“ — Jemima Kirke


London || The British Museum

London is a city of great diversity. Great culture. And, most especially, great history. As a history lover (a trait I inherited from my history buff father), I love London most for its incredible past. And one of the best…