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Duck & Waffle London BrunchAs a food adventurer at heart, I can’t seem to stop myself from wanting to voraciously explore any city I find myself in for the very best meals I can devour.

(Remember when I went to NYC for 36 hours and — admittedly — consumed more than 4,000 calories in that short time? Thank goodness I compensated by walking 40,000 steps too…)

Well, while I wasn’t planning on trying to jam in EVERY spot on my London restaurant list during our family visit two weeks ago, I was determined to hit a few key spots (like Sketch and Bob Bob Ricard).

But when I heard there was a delicious brunch 40-stories above London with a magnificent view of the Thames, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge itself, I knew exactly where my first true London brunch experience would be.

I mean, how could I dare pass up the opportunity to investigate a spot called Duck & Waffle?

Would you expect anything less from a die-hard brunch lover like me?

So the very first Sunday we were in London, my family and I ascended 40 floors up Heron Tower for one of sunniest brunches you’ll find in all of London!Duck & Waffle London BrunchDuck & Waffle has their own private, dedicated glass elevator overlooking the western view of London that reaches the 40th floor in just under 40 seconds.

40 seconds! It was easily one of the fastest elevators I’ve ever rode on.

(I’ll pathetically admit this ride was my least favorite part of the experience — I’m terrified of heights… or rather of dropping from them. Thankfully Hubby held my hand while I shut my eyes and recorded the view on his phone so I could watch it later.)Duck & Waffle London BrunchOnce you step off the elevator (with an embarrassing sigh of relief if you’re anything like me…) you find yourself in this nouveau chic bar area filled with red couches, delftware-inspired floor tiles, and every type of liquor you could ever want.Duck & Waffle London BrunchAnd just outside the south windows you’ll get a front-row view of London’s famous Gherkin building.Duck & Waffle London BrunchBut the bar area, with its stunning chandeliers and crystal chains makes for an impressive scene too.Duck & Waffle London BrunchIsn’t it so lovely and opulent?Duck & Waffle London BrunchI can imagine at night this bar area is even more beautiful with all the lamps lit and the downtown area aglow below.Duck & Waffle London BrunchMy Mom was especially smitten with this clever bottle bottom light fixture above us too.Duck & Waffle London BrunchWhile my delftware-loving heart fell head-over-heels for the beautifully tiled floors.
Duck & Waffle London BrunchThe restaurant itself is covered in floor-to-ceiling windows on THREE sides, offering a spectacular view to the east, north, and west…Duck & Waffle London Brunchas well as a delicious view of the open kitchen to the south!Duck & Waffle London BrunchWe were lucky enough to snag the very best table in the entire restaurant for our brunch — the far northeast corner with a stunning direct view of the Gherkin…
Duck & Waffle London Brunchas well as the Tower of London (the large castle-complex to the left of the Gherkin along the Thames)…Duck & Waffle London Brunchand, of course, Tower Bridge beyond.Duck & Waffle London BrunchMost of the window seating is for two-person parties only so we were lucky to snag the only window-view for 3 people. This shot was literally taken from my brunch seat — I simply turned around and shot down!Duck & Waffle London BrunchWhile it was pretty intimidating for me to sit so close to the edge of the building, it was still worth every minute of discomfort if only to see London from such a unique perspective!Duck & Waffle London BrunchNow onto the BEST part… the BRUNCH!Duck & Waffle London BrunchSince duck and waffles are two of my husbands favorite foods, he naturally ordered Duck and Waffle’s specialty… Duck & Waffles.

A crispy duck leg confit, fried duck egg, and mustard maple syrup to drizzle all over the waffle. He was in HEAVEN!Duck & Waffle London BrunchWhile my Mom couldn’t stop herself from taking the opportunity to order her very first Full English Breakfast. Duck & Waffle London BrunchDuck & Waffle’s take, dubbed the “House Breakfast”, includes Lincolnshire sausage, eggs, dry cured bacon, grilled tomato, mushroom, hash browns, Scottish black pudding, and a cheddar buttermilk scone.
Duck & Waffle London BrunchIt was a spectacular sampler and a great introduction to british breakfast foods for my Mom.Duck & Waffle London BrunchI ended up ordering the Duck Egg en Cocotte.Duck & Waffle London BrunchWhich was a beautiful skillet of baked eggs with wild mushrooms, Gruyere, and truffle all served with toast “soldiers” for dipping.Duck & Waffle London BrunchThe smell alone was worth the trip! And the taste even more so!Duck & Waffle London BrunchWhat a brunch to launch our week-long London adventures with — my Mom especially loved it.

For a perfect London itinerary, stop by here for brunch (or breakfast, lunch, or dinner since it’s open 24/7), soak in the delicious view and nosh, then head over to the Tower of London for the day!

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