Bloopers or How to Pose For Blog Photos

Bloopers 2016 24In any given week, I probably pose for well over 500 photos.

And because I belong decidedly behind the lens, learning how to pose for photos has been a bit of an uphill journey. I’ve learned a lot in the last year + I’ve been blogging. And I’ve learned most of it the hard way.

And since today is April Fool’s Day, what better occasion is there to share some of the more hilarious lessons I’ve learned via some of my favorite bloopers?

So without further ado…

How to Pose for Blog Photos… A Blooper Post

1. Always Shoot On the Windiest Days Possible

Wind creates engaging and exciting movement… right?

Bloopers 2016 9Bloopers 2016 25Bloopers 2016 10
2. Always Be Talking.

Never close your mouth or bother to care that the camera is there. It looks so much more natural…

Sed Bona Bloopers 2015 9Sed Bona Bloopers 2015 4Bloopers 2016 16

3. Make Sure That No Matter What, Your Mouth Is Open WIDE

Because when I close my mouth I have bitch face so this MUST be better?

Bloopers 2016 6Bloopers 2016 17Bloopers 2016 14

4. Embarrassing Poses Look Natural On Camera.

My photographer father always said “exaggerate for the camera” — undoubtedly this is what he meant…

Bloopers 2016 22Bloopers 2016 21Bloopers 2016 20

5. Always Cover Your Face With Your Hair.

Then you don’t even have to wear make-up, right?

Bloopers 2016 7Bloopers 2016 19Bloopers 2016 18Bloopers 2016 8

6. Always Be Playing With Your Hair & Accessories.

It gives you something to do with your hands all while looking super professional.

Bloopers 2016 13Bloopers 2016 12

7. If You Can, Shoot In Harsh Direct Sunlight.

Because blowing out your photos makes them ‘Pinterest-Worthy’.

Bloopers 2016 11

8. Be Yourself.

If you’re a ridiculous dork who makes the most awkward faces, run with it!

Bloopers 2016 4Bloopers 2016 5

9. Spin Gracefully.

Make sure to have as many Marilyn Monroe moments as you can in life…

Sed Bona Bloopers 2015 Sed Bona Bloopers 2015 1

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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