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Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaAfter my sister’s amazing birthday trip to London last September, I couldn’t help but want a birthday trip of my own this year for my 30th.

I’m not one to make a big deal about birthdays (last year I kept it very simple), but after all the fun we had last year in London, I knew Amsterdam would be just as memorable. And while I didn’t have a lot of requirements for the trip, I did have a few things which were non-negotiable.

First on my list was afternoon tea.

And not just afternoon tea anywhere. Afternoon tea at the legendary Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam was opened in 2014 (after my last visit to Amsterdam) and is composed of six beautiful canal houses along the Prinsengracht canal near the Rembrandtplein.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Just stepping inside the magnificent Waldorf Astoria feels like stepping back into the golden age of Amsterdam.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamEverything from the exquisitely designed floral arrangements to the incredible architecture to the impressive marble fireplaces sing of regal splendor and time’s gone by.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Not to mention the glorious array of chandeliers you’ll find all around the hotel.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamTeam members wear uniforms and dresses designed by Jan Taminiau which invoke the romantic history of Amsterdam in their vintage map print of the canals. Aren’t these dresses just lovely?

(Is it silly that I kind of want one of my own?)
Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamStep further inside the entrance and you’ll find yourself in Peacock Alley.
Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamThe luscious blue space where afternoon tea service is held each day. Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamIt’s a beautiful space decorated in a vibrant blue inspired by Vermeer’s ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’. Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam All decorated to chic perfection.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamWith plenty of enchanting coffee table books to peruse.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam And cozy chairs to choose from!Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamAll scattered around a central “clock”…Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Otherwise known as the famous Waldorf Armillary Sphere. The old-school “clock” is decorated in zodiac symbols and pays homage to Amsterdam’s proud naval and trading history.

After exploring the space, we found ourselves a comfortable seat near the window and settled in.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaFirst all good afternoon tea services should start with champagne.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea Especially because we attended this tea service on my birthday — which also happens to be champagne’s birthday!Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaCheers Mom!Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea I seriously can’t think of a better way to start off a new decade!Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaThen our meal officially commenced! We began with these innovative “welcome cocktails” of iced earl grey tea, black currant, and elderflower topped with house made cotton candy!Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaWhich we had SO much fun slurping!Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaEmily being the most photogenic of the group, as usual.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaThen our tea arrived.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea The Waldorf always serves their blend of China Supreme Rose which is technically a black tea but so fragrant and fruity, it actually sips like an herbal blend.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea I highly recommend trying it!

And how cute are these footed tea cups? Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaThen the amazing afternoon tea spread arrived!Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea For their summer tea service, the Waldorf Astoria’s selection was inspired by the world of ice cream.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaAnd once we dove into the selections, we couldn’t have been more charmed by the concept of ice cream-inspired nibbles.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea We started with two “cones” of savories: one filled with chicken liver cream and the other filled with goat cheese, pineapple, tuna tartare, and bonito flakes.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaBoth were delicious but this tuna tartare cone really stole my heart.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea Then we moved on to dumplings filled with smoked ham and mustard as well as a waffle sandwich of smoked salmon, cucumber gelée, and horseradish.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaAnd a delicious cone-inspired calippo of fresh vegetables with a blue cheese dip buried inside the cone.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaWhich I’m still dreaming about because if there’s one thing the Dutch know inside and out, its cheese. And the blue cheese dip in this crudité cone was a game-changer!Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaThen we move onto the most important part: DESSERT! Starting with this fogging level of bright pink Magnum-inspired ice cream pops of rose, yogurt, and raspberry.

We also swooned all over the fingers of Oublies filled with roasted hazelnut and caramel sitting right next to the pops.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaThen we sampled Mango & Coconut Tartlets and Mini Strawberry Mascarpone Éclairs.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea As well as little bites of white chocolate & yuzu and a delicious Blueberry Financier!Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon TeaThere were also these delicious Lollipops of marshmallow, passion fruit, and pistachio.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea And finally a warm selection of baked scones as well!Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Afternoon Tea At the very end of the meal we were served a lovely mini ice cream cone with chocolate shavings on top too.

You know, because we hadn’t had enough food at this point.

But don’t get me wrong… I still ate it! And it made a spectacular finale to one of the most delicious afternoon tea services I’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying!

And a very delicious start to my 30th year…
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam After tea we took a short tour of the property to better appreciate what a magnificent space it really is.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamStarting with the impressively decorated ceilings near the entrance.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamAs well as this incredible, original staircase attributed to 19th-century architect Daniel Marot.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamGuests who come to stay at the Waldorf are truly pampered from the moment they step through the front door — upon check-in guests are encouraged to choose a Cire Trudon scent from the hotel’s selection.

Then each night cleaning staff will scent your room with your fragrance of choice. How cool is that?Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam We then continued our tour into various meeting rooms,Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam which were absolutely spectacular rooms,Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam preserved in beautiful, historical splendour,Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamAnd completely covered in incredibly ornamentation.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamThen we went downstairs into the hotel’s Vault Bar — so named because it’s located in the original vault for the bank which used to occupy the building.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamAll of the alcohol behind the bar is perched in the safety deposit boxes and the bar menu is a wallet full of “currency notes” acting as a menu for the many, innovative cocktails they serve.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamBut then we came upon Hubby and I’s favorite room…Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam The magnificent pool!

Pools are very rare in Amsterdam given the prevalence of water everywhere in the city already (the canals) and the high-cost for space in such an old city. It was such a surprise to see the Waldorf had one! I’d happily come back just to relax by this pool for a few hours.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamThen we made our way to the Waldorf’s “secret garden”.Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam Located just behind the six canal houses, this garden is completely hidden from the street,Waldorf Astoria Amsterdammaking it a beautiful respite from the busy city outside.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamThere are plenty of tables and chairs to relax in!Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamAnd lots of lovely architecture hidden around the garden.

Wouldn’t this make an incredible wedding venue?Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamAnd finally we explored some of the incredible suites at the Waldorf.Waldorf Astoria AmsterdamWhich were beautifully appointed,Waldorf Astoria Amsterdamand very tastefully decorated.

I think it’s safe to say the Waldorf Astoria is one of the most beautiful properties in all of Amsterdam. If you seek out a place were the elegance of the past meets the modernity of the future, then look no further than this charming property.

If nothing else their afternoon tea is guaranteed to be unlike any you’ve had before!Green Lace Birthday DressGreen Lace Birthday DressGreen Lace Birthday DressGreen Lace Birthday Dress


Dress – SheIn (similar|| Sandals – Crocs || Sunglasses – Prada || Gold Spike Headband – Amazon || Bangle – Lagos (similar|| Lips – c/o Burberry Lip Velvet in No. 5 ‘Fawn’

Photos by My Sister

Cheers to such a happy start to my 30th year!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary meal through Waldorf Astoria to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are ALWAYS my own.

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