Obsessing Over… Byredo Hand Cream

Byredo Hand Cream Whether we like it or not, winter is coming.

And with it — dry skin season.

I don’t know about you but I hate feeling like my skin is tight and parched during the colder months. So I’ve become something of a skincare snob these last few winters.

I lather, bask, and swim in moisturizers this time of year. But only ones with long-lasting power and addictive fragrances.

I already shared the face serum I can’t get enough of last week but I’ve only once told you about the hand lotion I became obsessed with last winter…

Byredo Hand Cream

Byredo Hand CreamThe king of all hand creams.Byredo Hand Cream Like so many of my beauty product favorites, I learned about this cream from Victoria Beckham — the reigning queen of glowing skin.Byredo Hand Cream So sight-unseen I ordered a tube of Gypsy Water hand cream — a shockingly beautiful scent that feels like a patchouli-laced gypsy caravan.

And from that moment on, I was obsessed.Byredo Hand Cream Not only are these creams beautifully scented with unique fragrances but the formula is undoubtedly the best I’ve tried.

Creamy without being sticky.

Luxurious without being claggy.

Long-lasting without being greasy.

And while the price is gulp-worthy for hand lotion, a little goes a VERY long way. One tube lasts me about 7 months with daily use!Byredo Hand CreamTo be honest, “obsessed” doesn’t being to cover how I feel about this hand cream.Byredo Hand CreamIt’s the only cream I’ve bought for the last year.

And — as you can see from this post — I have amassed quite a collection.Byredo Hand Cream My absolute favorites (I’ve tried almost all of them — and yes, with my own hard-earned cash) are:

Mojave Ghost (a haunting, desert-inspired scent)

Suede (a great unisex scent)

Flowerhead (one of the loveliest florals I’ve ever smelled)

Byredo Hand Cream But I especially love the Suede Hand Cream when paired with the Suede Hand Scrub.

The combination makes for the best 2-minute at-home hand treatment I’ve ever found.

First take the Suede Hand Scrub and, with dry hands, rub a nickel-sized dollop all over your hands. Don’t forget your cuticles!

Next rinse off lightly (I find the scrub also moisturizes very well) and follow with a dollop of the hand cream.

Rub in and just try to not rub your hands against your cheeks for the rest of the day.

(Truth: You won’t be able to. You’re hands will feel so silky and buttery soft you’ll find yourself caressing them ALL. DAY. LONG.)
Byredo Hand CreamThe bottom line?

I love this hand cream.

I obsessed over it.


I carry it in my purses, and stash it in random drawers around my house. And I totally plan on gifting tubes of it as stocking stuffers this Christmas.

I love it so much I’ve gone on to buy the hand soap, hand scrub, and rinse-free hand sanitizer too.
Byredo Hand CreamI’ve had a lot of skincare obsessions over the years but I strongly suspect I’ll be using this hand cream for DECADES:

Have you tried Byredo Hand Creams yet?

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