Alaska || Part Five

After exploring the beaches and forests of Icy Strait Point, H and I boarded a small boat for some afternoon whale-watching. About 15 miles away (or a twenty-minute boat ride) from Icy Strait Point lies Point Adolphus, a world-renowned humpback whale feeding area.
Celebrity Millennium Fishing Boat Alaska As we sailed to the feeding area, we passed many smaller fishing vessels, including this one right by our cruise ship.Icy Strait Point Beach We passed some truly fantastic scenery too. With the mist draping over the dense forests and the sunlight peeking through the gray clouds, H and I found it impossible to not fall madly in love with the Alaskan landscape.Alaska Misty Forest Icy Strait Point Forest from Boat I love how that one tree towers over all the others on its island. You totally won king of the hill, buddy!Sed Bona Whale Watching in AquascutumH and I rode outside in the very back of the boat so I could get some shots of the scenery. It became a challenge to keep my hair out of my face in the wind though (learn from my mistake: don’t wear lip gloss, even if it’s Burberry — your hair will stick to it!).
Misty Alaska Forest from Boat When you pass scenes like this, it’s easy to understand why so many thousands of tourists make an Alaskan pilgrimage every summer. Whale Watching LandscapeAlaska Sea Lions Raft Once we reached Point Adolphus, it wasn’t long before we had company! First came a raft (group) of flirty sea lions.Raft of Alaska Sea Lions They were splashing and dancing around so much we almost wondered if they were putting on a show for us in exchange for food. Little buggers…Far off Whale DiveAnd then finally, it happened! The first humpback whale appeared in the far distance and we just barely saw his magnificent dive.Humpback Whale Spout But, as we waited, the whales eventually came closer and closer to our vessel, which had completely shut off its engines.Humpback Whale SpoutWhale Humpback Watching We saw some truly magnificent diving as the whales ate their fill of krill and small schooling fish.Last Whale Dive It was almost poetic, watching the way the water pours off their tails as they dive.Humpback Tail The sun eventually came out too, making the diving even more glorious.Double Whale SightingBut just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, two whales began feeding in the same area at the same time! Since humpback whales are solitary creatures, this incident — while not impossible — was a rare and unexpected sight. Humpback Whale DuoAnother Whale Dive Alaska As our watching continued we warmed up with hot chocolate and munched on crackers with the most heavenly smoked salmon dip. I have been trying to recreate the dip recipe at home and once I have the flavors properly balanced, I promise to share it here!Humpback Whale TailThe longer our vessel silently sat on the waves, the closer and closer the whales came to us.
Humpback Whale SprayIn the perfect finale to our whale-watching expedition, one whale came brazenly close to our vessel.
Humpback Whale Spray It almost seemed like this whale was charging right at us…Humpback Whale Dive And then promptly dove in a perfect arc right in front of where H and I were standing at the back corner of the boat.Close Humpback Whale Tail Dive Best Whale DiveWhat a breath-taking ending to our whale watching adventure! We headed back to Icy Strait Point with full bellies, full SD cards, and a desperate need to soak in the cruise sauna!

Until tomorrow!

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