Chicago Eats || Heaven on Seven

When it comes to nostalgic Chicago restaurants, Heaven on Seven is the very FIRST that comes to my mind. My husband and I had one of our very first dates here — back when we were both still working in…


Chicago Eats || Bohemian House

With half of my family being 100% Polish, I’ve always had a DEEP love for bohemian cuisine. I was raised on Czech and Polish dishes — give me a giant bowl of sauerkraut and watch as I face dive into it…


2016 || The Best Things I Ate

Over the years I’ve found that most people fall into two distinct categories: those who CARE about food and those who don’t. Naturally, I try not to judge people based on which side of the spectrum they fall on… but…


Chicago || Brunch at Owen & Engine

Somehow during our hectic October, Hubby and I managed to take a morning to ourselves to sneak away to try a new-to-us brunch spot I’ve itching to visit ever since we came back from London… Owen & Engine.


London Eats || Brunch at Duck & Waffle

As a food adventurer at heart, I can’t seem to stop myself from wanting to voraciously explore any city I find myself in for the very best meals I can devour. (Remember when I went to NYC for 36 hours and —…