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Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantWhen it comes to nostalgic Chicago restaurants, Heaven on Seven is the very FIRST that comes to my mind.

My husband and I had one of our very first dates here — back when we were both still working in finance and desperate to find a great Loop restaurant we could meet at for lunch dates. Hubby quickly learned my taste for all Southern cuisine, especially my love, admiration, and obsession with fried green tomatoes and brought me here as a surprise, telling me “you’re going to LOVE this place”.

And from the moment they dropped the cast iron skillet of golden fried green tomatoes onto the table, I fell madly in love.

Living in Chicago can make finding decent fried green tomatoes a serious endeavor and for years I’d searched for anything even remotely close to what my southern grandmother had made me as a child. Most options around the city are usually bland, super-gooey fried messes with little flavor and certainly no soul. But after Hubby brought me to Heaven on Seven, I’d finally found one spot I could turn to time and time again for my fix. They make some of the best fried green tomatoes I’ve had on either side of the Mason-Dixon line, honestly.

And today I’m thrilled to finally be sharing this special hidden gem with you too.

The best way I can describe Heaven on Seven is by saying it’s an explosion of creole flavors. An EXPLOSION! All things delicious, flavorful, and distinctly Southern can be found at this Louisiana-esque oasis.Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantEverything about Heaven on Seven is explosive when I think about it, really. Everything starting with the no-frills “local diner” attitude…
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun Restaurant to their famous walls of hot sauce (absolutely no duplicate bottles on these walls… isn’t that nuts?),
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun Restaurantto the “always Mardi Gras here” decor.Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantWhich makes for such a fun atmosphere to eat at — especially in the cold winter months!Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantHeaven on Seven gets its name from its location — it’s on the seventh floor of an office building located right off Wabash. If you can, try to snag a window view to watch the bustling streets below!Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantYou may even meet a few friends along the window sill.Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantBut it’s the hot sauces along the walls and covering each of the tables that make up the bulk of the decor. Each table in Heaven on Seven is JAMMED with options for you to smother your food in.

Everything from the super mild, to the super hot… the super common place to the hard-to-find.Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantNow, if you come on the weekends, you MUST start your meal out with one of Heaven’s killer bloody marys.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantDelicious, robust, and not too overwhelming (anyone else floored by the huge size of bloody marys at some restaurants these days? I love a good Bloody Mary but can rarely finish one larger than this). Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantThen go ahead and order these Blueberry Bayou Blasters. They’re a unique-to-Heaven-on-Seven cross between a donut, hush puppy, corn muffin AND a blueberry muffin.Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun Restaurant All drenched in powdered sugar.Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantThe golden crust on these delicious, breakfast-flavored bites is perfection.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun Restaurant Not to mention addicting, all drenched in that powdered sugar.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun Restaurant But it’s not until you look inside that you really begin to understand what these unique, one-of-a-kind bites are all about.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantSee the blueberries??? Ok, now my mouth is watering like crazy…Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun Restaurant But in case sweets aren’t your thing, there’s always this delicious classic of Fried Green Tomatoes with warm remoulade. My favorite!
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantOr perhaps some golden Mississippi fried pickles with white remoulade (Hubby’s favorite!).
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantOkay my mouth is seriously watering now and I haven’t even gotten to the entrées…Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantWhich are just as delicious as the appetizers (not to mention Instagram-worthy — hi, Melissa!).
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantJust look at this Grilled Andouille Sausage with sweet potato polenta (what a game-changer!), honey creole mustard and grilled onions. It was seriously one of the coolest, tastiest dishes I’ve tried! And now has me craving sweet potato polenta all. the. time.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun Restaurant Or how about the southern classic of shrimp and grits? Served with shredded beef or…Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun Restaurantsolo with just shrimp and grits.Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantSince I was raised by a southern father, this really is my own definition of comfort food, being creamy, spiced and packed with protein to boot.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantJust make sure you add plenty of hot sauce (my favorite is Crystal — a true Southern classic!).Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun Restaurant Drip, drip, drip.Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantBut it’s Heaven on Seven’s famous gumbo that’s absolutely necessary no matter what you end up ordering. It’s legendary, robust, delicious, and can be done entirely vegan! How cool is that?Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantConsidering that Heaven on Seven is rooted in southern cuisine, I’ve been shocked to learn just how vegetarian-friendly it is too. Many of the dishes can be adjusted for all sorts of dietary needs so even my vegetarian friends like Sapna leave completely full and satisfied!Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantOh and don’t forget to crumble one of these insanely addictive corn muffins onto your gumbo too!
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantI could easily eat a dozen of these in one sitting and not feel even an ounce of remorse. They’re THAT good.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantAnd, in case you really want to indulge, there’s always this breakfast classic too!Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantHousemade Bananas Foster Pecan French Toast! Doused in lots of syrup…Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantLots of Syrup.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantObviously.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantAnd if you want to be extra-indulgent (not to mention VERY southern), you add a healthy pour of melted butter on top for good measure too.
Heaven on Seven Chicago Cajun RestaurantMany thanks to my close friend Erin for arranging for us Heaven on Seven foodie fans to get a chance to try SO many of their delicious dishes and to talk with awesome owner and head-chef Jimmy too!

If you’re looking for a Chicago classic that’s been around for decades and that’ll satisfy just about any southern food craving you can think of, look no further than this hidden gem spot in the Loop!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary meal to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are my own.

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