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Cold Storage Chicago One of the things I love most about living in Chicago is our amazing food scene.

Well, actually THE thing I love the most about living in Chicago.

But, despite my best efforts, occasionally a delicious restaurant sits on my “must visit” list for months, even years.

And then I trip inside and kick myself for not making it there sooner.

Cold Storage is just such a place.Cold Storage Chicago From the moment you walk in — onto the chic marbled floor tiling — you’ll fall in love. As did Starr and Gigi when we walked in for lunch last month.Cold Storage ChicagoThe space has a hip, urban-meets-New England Seafood House vibe. Cold Storage Chicago The perfect casual spot for a meal.Cold Storage ChicagoI was particularly smitten with their collection of nautical oil paintings (does anyone else love modern spaces with traditional oil paintings in them? It makes me think of Victoria Beckham’s collaboration with Sotheby’s in London last month). Cold Storage ChicagoBut we all swooned hardest for the striking central bar which radiates out through the intimate restaurant.Cold Storage ChicagoFor starters, we began with some refreshments (am I the only one who still drinks hot tea in summer?).Cold Storage ChicagoAnd these delicious house made chips which are served immediately after you sit down.Cold Storage ChicagoAnd after a long deliberation over Cold Storage’s drool-worthy menu, we finally ordered.Cold Storage ChicagoWe started out with a special of roasted Halibut collar.

Ever had fish collar before? If you haven’t you absolutely MUST! I’ve told you about it before and always order it whenever I see it on a menu (I’m obsessed). It’s the most tender, delicate part of the fish and roasts into a delicious nibble similar to ribs.Cold Storage Chicago Cold Storage served theirs with a bright citrus and endive salad on the side which provided just enough acidity to balance the richness of the dish.Cold Storage ChicagoWe also sampled the steamed mussels in white wine sauce which were HEAVENLY.Cold Storage Chicago Absolutely “lick-worthy” really. As in, “it’s so good, I’m going to discreetly lick this bowl while no one is looking” lick-worthy.Cold Storage Chicago And the creamy aioli and crusty bread balanced out the fresh mussels so well.Cold Storage Chicago For our entrées we shared a side of malted fries with garlic aioli (because how could you NOT?).Cold Storage Chicago(Excuse me while I sneak one…)Cold Storage ChicagoThen we all shared this incredible “John Hancock” seafood tower.Cold Storage ChicagoCold Storage has three seafood tower options: a smaller “Water Tower”, a larger “Sears Tower” and this middle-sized “John Hancock Tower” which was perfect for a lunch entrée. And don’t you love the clever homage to Chicago’s iconic buildings in their tower names?Cold Storage Chicago The John Hancock comes with oysters, marinated mussels, shrimp, clams, King crab, and scallop ceviche.Cold Storage ChicagoMy favorite naturally being the king crab (which was so sweet and fresh!).Cold Storage ChicagoBut the oysters were delicious too.Cold Storage ChicagoThe clams were my least favorite of the tower though they are out of season right now.Cold Storage ChicagoI know it’s ridiculous but this is my ideal lunch — just piles of seafood and oysters with hot sauce!Cold Storage Chicago For dessert, Cold Storage is known for their EPIC Narwhal Sundae which is an eight-scoop sundae (YES, EIGHT SCOOPS) with hot fudge, caramel sauce, brownies, whipped cream and cherries.

Not feeling brave enough (or hungry enough) to tackle that sundae, we settled for this Sweet & Salty Sundae of pretzel ice cream, peanut butter ice cream, hot fudge, and chocolate-covered pretzels.Cold Storage Chicago It was OUTRAGEOUSLY delicious. If you’re into sweet and salty desserts especially.Cold Storage ChicagoAnd barely managed to last more than a few moments after we were done shooting.

While Cold Storage certainly isn’t Chicago newest restaurant, it’s certainly worth a visit or revisit in the near future. Their seafood towers and ice cream sundaes alone make this the perfect summer spot!

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