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Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCAre you ready for today’s post?

Because its HUGE!

And jammed full of some of the best museum inspiration I’ve yet found!

As a great lover of both history AND art, I’ve spent countless hours of my life wandering through museums.

Some understand this, some don’t…

But for those who DO, museums are and always will be a place of solace and inspiration — temples to the indomitable creativity of the human spirit. And visiting a great museum has always been one of the best ways to boost your own creativity.

Growing up in Chicago, I’ve been lucky to have so many extraordinary museums at my finger tips (the Art Institute is consistently rated one of the best in the world). But besides the Louvre and the British Museum, my experience with famous museums outside of Chicago is quite limited.

But my “must visit” list of museums is HUGE! And this summer I finally ticked one of the most important visits off that list.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The Met.

The iconic NYC museum housing everything from dreamy impressionist paintings to medieval armor to an entire Egyptian temple.

It’s easily one of the best things I did all summer, if not all year!

Care to step inside with me?

Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCTucked into Central Park in the Upper East Side of NYC surrounded by gardens,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCand some very chic residents.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCYou’ll find the Met. Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCIt’s impossible to miss with it’s enormous, European façade and impressive fountains!
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC First step into The Great Hall to pick up your tickets.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCThe Met issues tickets on a ‘choose what you pay’ basis. I highly recommend paying as much for your ticket as you can afford — every little bit helps when it comes to preserving culture and the arts for future generations!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Then grab a map and you’re ready!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Slowly take your first steps up the Met’s famous staircase… pausing for a moment to appreciate just how many famous people have ascended that staircase.
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCThen begin your explorations!
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCNow the Met Museum is ENORMOUS.

Actually that’s an understatement — it’s the biggest museum I’ve been to, aside from the Louvre! Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCAnd I’m not dare going to try to condense this amazing place into one single blog post.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCOr try to dare document ALL that you can actually see at this museum… because it would take me MONTHS to write and because it really is the sort of place you just need to see for yourself.

There really is magic around every corner…
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCEverything from Monet’s,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC to The Paris Salon,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC to Pierre-Auguste Cot,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCback to Monet again.

(How incredible are these brush strokes? And how incredible is it that I was allowed to get close enough to shoot such amazing detail?)Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC So much excitement around every corner. As a huge fan of Monet in particular, I was pleasantly surprised to see how many famous Monet’s called the Met home.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCLike this well-known piece,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC of his famous garden bridge,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCor this one.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCContinue wandering and you may just find…Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCa Van Gogh or two as well. After visiting the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam back in August, I’ve been especially loving his work and was so pleasantly surprised to see several of his most famous pieces at the Met.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCWalking along the upper floors you’ll also get a sneak peek at what awaits you below…Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC After you’ve finished wandering the many rooms of European paintings,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCwhich are all exquisitely preserved,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCand beautifully presented in the Met’s many well-lit galleries, of course.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC I was most surprised (since I didn’t do any research on the Met’s paintings beforehand), to find a few Vermeer’s as well.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCI love Vermeer and seeing his ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ in The Hague this summer was one of the coolest things I’ve yet checked off my bucket list. And since there are only 36 known paintings by Vermeer in the world, the Met’s collection of 5 of them is quite impressive.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC As is their collection of paintings from another famous Dutch painter, Rembrandt van Rijn.

I remember studying this particular self portrait extensively in art history in college so seeing it in person was yet another welcome surprise at the Met.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCBut each and every room has its surprises.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCAnd its secrets.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC I swear I could have wandered those galleries for days and not seen every painting.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCIt’s truly incredible when you think about the VOLUME of art stored at the Met.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC And the diversity.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC I remember studying this painting, George de la Tour’s ‘The Penitent Magdalen”, in art history too!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC If I had to pick a favorite section of the Met it would certainly be the European Art section if only because it’s the largest collection.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCThe portraits (and especially the fashion IN the portraits) being my absolute favorite part.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCEach is so different and unique!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC All mingled in with sculptures from the same period.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Including a rather famous sculpture inspired by the one at The Louvre!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCAfter wandering the European galleries, make your way towards the American Wing i.e. Charles Engelhard Court.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCThere you’ll find the impressive façade of the Branch Bank of the United States (originally located on Wall Street) in the incredible glass-encased wing.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCI could have shot this room for a lifetime — it felt like the gallery was a piece of art unto itself.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC But make your way downstairs to explore the atrium further.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC There are so many impressive neoclassical sculptures,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCof all shapesMetropolitan Museum of Art NYCand sizes,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCand some Parisienne lamps,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCall surrounding this gilded Diana sculpture in the center of the atrium.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC It really is one of the most incredible places to step into!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCBut there are secrets INSIDE the bank building too…Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Dozens of rooms of historical antiquities await, all displaying different eras in history.
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC As well as some impressive canopy beds,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCsome beautiful wallpapers,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCand some serious historical furniture porn.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCTake a right and you’ll find yourself in the imposing Arms & Armour Hall.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCWith plenty of armour-decked knights guarding the entrance,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCas well as the Met’s impressive medieval collection in the Cloisters.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCWhich is quite extensive, to say the least!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Continue wandering and you’ll find more historically decorated rooms.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Some with jaw-dropping furniture,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCinsane detailing,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCand truly beautiful pieces of art and sculpture too.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCEven the halls with individual pieces of furniture feel historical,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCespecially with their glittering chandeliers!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC This mint colored room ended up being my absolute favorite.

Anyone know where I can find a rug like this one?Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCAnd a desk like this one while we’re at it?Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC But eventually you’ll find your way here.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCThe European Sculpture Hall to rival all others.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC It’s a magnificent, sun-drenched space,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC with all sorts of sculptures,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC in all colors,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCand guises.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCIt makes for one truly breath-taking space! It would probably have been my favorite part of the Met if it hadn’t been everyone else’s favorite part too, if you get what I mean!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Continue wandering and you’ll find more impressive European decor.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Like this gilded doorway (just a casual entrance, nbd),Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCor this insane candelabra (Lumière!!). Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Keep wandering and you’ll eventually come across this room,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYChousing all sorts of Greek and Roman Art,Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCas well as fragments from the Temple of Artemis at Sardis, including these beautiful columns.
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCBut if you’re into ancient history, I’ve saved the very best for last!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC An entire Egyptian Temple has been rebuilt in the Sackler Wing!

This is the The Temple of Dendur, built around 15 B.C. It’s an incredible building to see for yourself and to walk around — a little slice of Ancient Egypt in NYC!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCThe Temple even gets it own pond,
Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCwith papyrus plants!

Sadly they were setting up the temple for an event so I didn’t get all the shots I wanted but that just gives you another reason to go and actually see the temple for yourself!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCAfter my explorations, I stopped at the Petrie Court Cafe near the European Sculpture Hall for a little lunch.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCI had very little expectations for my food, considering that I’d been eating some pretty amazing dishes on my trip and you NEVER know what to expect when it comes to museum restaurants.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCBut my creamy potato soup and lovely seared salmon actually surprised me. Neither is the sort of dish I’m going to be raving about in a food round-up, to be sure. But both were shockingly palatable and easily some of the best museum food I’ve ever had.Metropolitan Museum of Art NYCAll-in-all my first trip to the Met was a smashing success!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC Sure I didn’t see HALF of what I wanted to see. But that only gives me an excellent reason to return to explore more!Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC


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Have you ever been to the Met? Which were your favorite parts?

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