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Egg Shop NYC Restaurant My most recent trip to NYC was a long time coming.

After my last visit in October 2015, I was sure I’d be back in the Big Apple soon enough. But somehow “soon enough” quickly turned into a year and a half. It may have taken a lot longer than I thought but I finally made it back and had the opportunity to knock so many amazing places off my NYC Bucket List.

The very first place on my list? We’re talking dump-my-bags-at-the-hotel-and-immediately-hustle-down-to first place on my list?

Egg Shop.

The legendary NoLita spot serving up all things egg porn.Egg Shop NYC RestaurantWalking in you’ll first be shocked at Egg Shop’s size — it’s an incredibly small space with a quirky urban atmosphere that somehow also rings of a small-town brunch space too.Egg Shop NYC RestaurantSince I was solo my first day in NYC, I managed to snag a coveted spot right along the front window.

Immediately upon sitting I was given a carafe of infused water and a menu by friendly staff.Egg Shop NYC Restaurant As you’d expect, much of the menu focuses on the star ingredient: EGGS!Egg Shop NYC RestaurantFirst up, I ordered a fresh Watermelon Juice which reminded me of the delicious watermelon aguas I sipped back in Mérida, Mexico.Egg Shop NYC Restaurant Then my order arrived!Egg Shop NYC RestaurantI ordered the ‘Everything to Me’ Sandwich.Egg Shop NYC Restaurant A smoked salmon scramble of eggs on an everything biscuit with heirloom tomato, fresh dill, and horseradish cream on the side.Egg Shop NYC RestaurantIt made for a truly majestic combination.Egg Shop NYC RestaurantAnd one seriously welcome sight after a 3 am wake-up call for my 6 am flight to NYC that morning. I’m pretty sure I gulped this lovely little sandwich down in about 4 minutes flat after shooting these pictures…Egg Shop NYC RestaurantI cannot recommend this little sandwich more and you have to bet that next time I’m in NYC I’ll be back trying another Egg Shop creation.

Perhaps the Avo & Egg or The Reformer?Egg Shop NYC RestaurantNot planning on visiting NYC anytime soon? Don’t despair!

Egg Shop just recently published their very own cookbook so you can try their egg-mazing dishes at home too:

If you snag a copy be sure to let me know what your favorite recipes to make are too!

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