Obsessing Over… My Chloé Drew Bag

Chloé Mini Drew Bag-38330 NEWOf all the wardrobe investments I make, I devote decidedly more money to my handbag collection than anything else.


Because of all the closet investments you CAN make, I feel like a high-quality handbag is the one you’re likely to reap the benefits of the longest.

And I obsess over my bags. My Alexander McQueen Heroine Satchel and Victoria Beckham Liberty Tote are both classics but with modern twists — a combination I find particularly intoxicating in handbag designs. And I take good care of my investments because I expect them to last so long. I waterproof my bags, clean them regularly, and do my best not to abuse them mercilessly.

If there’s one truth I’ve found when it comes to closet investments, it’s this: be good to your wardrobe and it will be good to you.

But almost all of my investment bags are totes and satchels! For many months I felt a gaping hole in my collection — I knew I needed a small-ish, high-quality crossbody bag to compliment my busy lifestyle (especially to wear for evening events and while traveling). And thus my search began…

Crossbody bags are easily one of the most practical handbags you can own. I mean, who doesn’t love having the option to go hand-free when they need to? Especially for someone like me who shoots with my phone and my camera so much. It always felt like such an oversight that I’d never invested in such a practical, useful piece!

Then it happened.

Anna bought a mini Chloé Drew Bag for her trip to NYFW last September. And after shooting it dozens of times in the weeks and months that followed (1 / 2), my obsession with the Drew bag’s simple silhouette and luxurious practicality was solidified. The more I saw that bag, the more I thought about it.

So despite the fact that this bag is EVERYWHERE already and has been trending for quite a while now, I had to invest in one of my own. I just know it’s the sort of IT bag I’ll be happy to have long after it’s trendiness has faded.Chloé Drew Mini Bag in Pale GoldI mean just look at it!

It’s such a timeless saddlebag shape with minimal branding and ridiculously high-quality finishes. I’m struggling to think of any style this bag wouldn’t compliment.

And it’s been the hallmark of the beloved French label since it’s introduction in Fall/Winter 2014. It’s THE bag that gave Chloé it’s it-bag edge back and just seeing this stunning bag in person will tell you why it’s popularity has sky-rocketed in just two short years.Chloé Drew Mini Bag in Pale GoldThis bag is easily the most identifiable crossbody bag on the market.

It’s the definition of simplistic luxury WITHOUT any enormous logos. And, despite only having one discreet brand label, more people have stopped me in the street to ask “is that the Chloé Drew bag?” than any other designer piece I own.

By now, it’s quite obvious — this bag has ascended into LEGEND!Chloé Drew Mini Bag in Pale GoldIt’s been seen everywhere, in a multitude of incarnations, remixed in every color and print you can imagine.

When I finally saved enough to buy mine, I was shocked at all of the options — some remixing suede and leather together, others with unique color-blocking combinations (like Anna’s!), and yet others still in unique prints.

But when I saw this beautiful gilded gold version, I could not stop thinking about it! I even added it to my Christmas list back in December. The gold finish just felt so eternally magical to me — almost like the bag was more jewelry than accessory.

It’s the sort of bag you’d expect a goddess to carry!Chloé Drew Mini Bag in Pale GoldAnd now that I am lucky enough to call this Chloé Drew bag my own, I love it EVEN MORE.

Just look at the finishes!

It’s a piece of utter magnificence. Well, at least in my humble opinion.

And despite its “mini” size, it’s still large enough to fit all my absolute essentials: wallet, phone, keys, and a tube of lipstick. As far as the mini bag trend goes, this bag is FAR more functional than almost any others I have seen (a lot of them aren’t even large enough to fit a regular iPhone 6… um, seriously!?).Chloé Drew Mini Bag in Pale GoldBefore I bought the bag I worried about how uncomfortable the chain would be to wear around all-day. But luckily the flat-link design is anything but uncomfortable! It’s heavy and substantial but smooth on the shoulder and wide enough not to dig into you, even if you’re wearing something strapless. Chloé Drew Mini Bag in Pale GoldAnd truthfully all of the details on this bag are magnificent — everything from the soft, creamy suede interior to the pebbled exterior leather finish to the gilded gold locking mechanism feels like true luxury.

And that’s one reason why I bought it in the first place. When I make closet investments, I like to not only think about what I’m aesthetically drawn to RIGHT NOW, but also 5 years from now, 10 years from now, and, in the case of an investment as luxurious as this bag, 50 years from now.

Sure, it’s nearly impossible to predict how your tastes will change over your lifetime. I’m not suggesting that I’m clairvoyant enough to successfully predict my future fashion evolution.Chloé Mini Drew Bag-38336 NEWBut I know what elements I like in investment pieces and what ones I don’t. And when it comes to luxury handbags, I’m always drawn to the simplest shapes with modest or non-existent logos, that have clean practical finishes I can waterproof. And I can think of no bag that defines these qualities for me better than this Chloé Drew.Chloé Mini Drew Bag-38301 NEW

What elements and designs do you look for when you’re investing in a handbag (at ANY price point!)?

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  • Such a spectacular investment piece Ashley! Who knew a gold handbag could be so versatile? It absolutely makes every outfit that you incorporate it into!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

  • I love crossbody bags, they’re an absolute must for me. This is a great find!!! It looks so good on all of your outfits…I especially love it on that long blue patterned skirt (what a great photo too!) 😀

    Characters & Carry-ons

  • Omg it’s so beautiful!!
    Beauty Candy Loves

  • Vanessa Berlín

    Love it! A staple for every women wardrobe, metallics are neutrals very easy to mix and match with almost everything!



  • This bag is amazing. Chloé is so timeless! When I invest in a bag I look for structure, one of my rules of thumb is: “if it doesn’t stand on it’s own, don’t get it”. Although I do love the Chloé Marcie bag!

  • This bag is so pretty. And I think you got a really nice colour – it makes everyday outfits interesting but is also evening-appropriate. I usually take clutches for evenings out, but it’s not very convenient.


  • inlove with this bag too!!

    kisses from dubai ❤️


  • Sybil

    gorgeous stylish bag!

    Have a great week!

    Animated Confessions

  • I have a major bag envy. Such a a great colour choice too x


  • Stunning colour! Haven’t seen anyone wearing the Drew in this shade yet. Great pick Ashley. And you are so right on the closet investment part 🙂

    Real Life Nerd


  • Gorgeous! Never seen it in gold! I wonder if there is a silver version too…xo

  • Deepti Karulkar

    Love the bag! You have styled it well!

    Deepti x

  • So happy you bought the gold! It really is such a versatile bag—I love it in every single look you have featured here!

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  • soofy

    great post! i just got mine today. do you have any care-tips for this bag? and also any ways to reduce/remove chances of scratches on the metalware? thanks a lot Ashley!

    • Oh how do you like yours so far? As for care tips I would absolutely suggest applying a waterproofing spray (but be sure to use the right one for the type of leather your Drew is — suede spray for suede, etc). And be sure to store the bag in another dust bag with the chain OUTSIDE the dust bag to prevent scratches to the leather while you store it.

      As for scratches to the metalware, I don’t have many tips for you. Mine has gotten scratched a few times and while I was upset at first, this forum made me feel better about it: http://forum.purseblog.com/chloe/calling-chloe-drew-owners-928099-2.html?s=4f8e47c43ad1c2df41334c40a89412ff

      One of the women mentions that she views scratches to the hardware the same way she views scratches to her Cartier bracelet — as good memories of a life well-lived. While I don’t like how many scratches my hardware has gotten already, I’ll be honest that I am hard on my bags so I might as well accept that some scratches will happen.

      Hope that helps! Thanks so much for stopping by. Let me know what you think of your Drew!!