Apollo’s First Commercial

Peninsula Chicago Z Bar Pug CommercialShortly after I shot with the Peninsula Chicago and Rolls-Royce last month, I headed back for another shoot at their gorgeous hotel.

A completely different kind of shoot.

A commercial shoot for the Peninsula’s newest venue Z Bar.

Starring my younger pug, Apollo!

To say I’ve been waiting for Z Bar for a while would be an understatement. The Peninsula’s announced their plans to open a newer, larger bar last summer and I could already tell it was going to be one of Chicago’s most exciting 2018 openings. Perched atop the Michigan Avenue Tiffany store, Z Bar will have gorgeous views of the Water Tower, Michigan Avenue, and Lake Michigan beyond.

And since the new bar is opening this June, it’s about time to shoot a commercial for the space!Peninsula Chicago Z Bar Pug CommercialSo when the team at the Peninsula (truly one of the best teams I’ve ever worked with!) asked me if Apollo would like to model for their Z Bar commercial, how could I say no?
Peninsula Chicago Z Bar Pug CommercialIf you know Apollo, then you know this is his jam.

My little pug runt LOVES the spotlight. He craves it like crazy.Peninsula Chicago Z Bar Pug CommercialI blame myself since I trained him to model for my Pug Vases very early on but I’ve never seen a dog crave the camera quite like Apollo.

So when the day for the commercial came, and I locked him in his seat belt with our camera gear in the car, and drove down to the Mag Mile, he was on CLOUD NINE.

And, I am quite biased, but I have to say I think he did a pretty good job modeling…Peninsula Chicago Z Bar Pug Commercial Even though modeling is a lot of hard work…

So without further ado here is Apollo’s first commercial (and the exciting teaser for Z Bar):

You can also view the commercial at Z Bar’s new website and on the Peninsula’s Instagram. And stay tuned for more clips from the shoot leading up to Z Bar’s opening!

Peninsula Chicago Z Bar Pug CommercialI’ll finish this post with one shot of Apollo modeling with his favorite piece of art. You’ll be able to see this pug portrait (along with quite a few others) in the Z Bar space starting in June!

(Doesn’t that pug painting look JUST like Apollo?)

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