Each and every Christmas I look forward to one tradition the most: afternoon tea at the Peninsula. I’ve been going religiously since 2012 (read my posts from 2014, 2015, and 2016 for further proof!). There’s nothing like ringing in the… View Post

Oh, Chicago, you beautiful city, you. I just love my hometown and I truly love living here. But for the past four years, what I’ve enjoyed most about Chicago is SHARING my hometown with all of you here on the… View Post

Most of you know by now how much I adore the Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. It’s long been a family tradition of mine to do afternoon tea at the Peninsula’s Lobby at Christmas and other important events throughout the year.… View Post

I say it loud and I say it proud — Chicago is one HELL-UV-AH CITY! It’s home. A home full of delicious restaurants, world-class museums, great tourist attractions, and plenty of free places to enjoy in the warmer months. It’s… View Post

“Somehow I kept my head above water. I relied on the discipline, character, and strength that I had started to develop as that little girl in her first swimming pool.“ — Esther Williams