3 Arts Café at Restoration Hardware

Three Arts Club Chicago 20Of all the restaurant concepts to hit Chicago this year, my very favorite is actually located in a store.

Well, technically a Restoration Hardware showroom.

Opened at the end of September on a quiet Gold Coast street, Restoration Hardware’s newest concept is as stunning as it is novel. Originally built in 1914, Restoration Hardware turned a run-down six-floor building into a showroom-meets-coffee shop-meets-restaurant that somehow still feels more residential than commercial.

It’s an amazing idea that sells the RH aesthetic through room after beautiful room of carefully designed spaces all without a cash register in sight.

No joke — one step in here and you’re likely to want to gut your entire house and start over from scratch.

And oddly enough, right in the middle of this home decor mecca is my newest favorite restaurant…

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Restoration Hardware Chicago Showroom 6 RH’s restaurant, The 3 Arts Café, is set in a gorgeous glass atrium decked in chandeliers all swirling around a central fountain:
Three Arts Club Chicago 21It’s one of those beautiful spaces that draws you in through its simple majesty. Three Arts Club ChicagoAnd perhaps the rows and rows of glittering chandeliers…
Three Arts Club Chicago 18Three Arts Club Chicago 3Three Arts Club Chicago 1On our first visit, Jill and I were absolutely stunned by the space and couldn’t wait to try the food! Since it’s run by the same folks that run legendary burger joint Au Cheval, we had HIGH expectations for what our first meal would bring.
Three Arts Club Chicago 4We settled into a cozy spot…
Three Arts Club Chicago 5And sipped some much-needed coffee as we perused the menu.Three Arts Club Chicago 6First we shared this enormous salad of root vegetables with grains and hazelnuts tossed in sherry vinaigrette.Three Arts Club Chicago 7Three Arts Club Chicago 9Simple & delicious… this is one perfect fall salad!

Bright and vibrant in flavor thanks to the freshness of the vegetables and the bite from the vinaigrette. I especially loved how all of the vegetables were cut into thin ribbons lending a lovely texture that felt almost as satisfying as pasta to eat.

But far more colorful!
Three Arts Club Chicago 11For our meals, we split this EPIC Grilled Cheese of cheddar and truffle butter on house-made sourdough.

Ooey, gooey and decadent! Everything you could want from a truffled grilled cheese made even more EPIC because you’re eating it as you sit under an enormous chandelier surrounded by the glitterati of Chicago society.Three Arts Club Chicago 17I’m pretty sure life doesn’t get any better than that!Three Arts Club Chicago 12We also split an order of hand-cut fries with garlic aioli which we could. not. stop. eating.Three Arts Club Chicago 13I caught Jill sneaking a few bites while I shot the food!
Three Arts Club Chicago 14But my absolute favorite dish may very well be the simplest item on the menu — the RH Scramble.

Scrambled free-range farm eggs and crème frâiche served with chives, half an avocado, and plenty of buttery Texas Toast. Perfecting the art of scrambled eggs isn’t easy. They must be creamy, almost cheesy, and light without being overly dry. Ideally, they should melt in your mouth when you take your first bite.

I think most of us would agree — it’s hard to get scrambled eggs right.

But the 3 Arts Café has cracked the scrambled egg code. If you yearn for perfectly simple breakfast food served ALL DAY long then you NEED to add these scrambled eggs to your “must eat” list.

And you should probably prepare yourself for the possibility that after you eat these scrambled eggs, you won’t WANT to eat anything else…

Choies Gray Suede Trench LK Bennett Blue Dress 5After finishing our lunch, Jill and I explored ever nook and cranny of the showroom starting with the gorgeous rooftop patio!

Choies Gray Suede Trench LK Bennett Blue DressSHOP THE LOOK:

Trench – Choies || Dress – LK Bennett || Booties – Renvy (similar: 1 / 2 / 3|| Tote – Gigi New York ‘Jessica’ || Keychain – Gucci ‘Pug’ (similar|| Sunglasses – Le Specs (similar: 1 / 2|| Necklace – Etsy

Photos courtesy of gorgeous blogger Jill

Choies Gray Suede Trench LK Bennett Blue Dress 8

Choies Gray Suede Trench LK Bennett Blue Dress 7Isn’t the rooftop gorgeous? With winter fast approaching we took as much advantage of the fresh air as we could.Choies Gray Suede Trench LK Bennett Blue Dress 9Taking a few necessary outfit photos for good measure.Choies Gray Suede Trench LK Bennett Blue Dress 10Who doesn’t love a pair of fierce booties?
Choies Gray Suede Trench LK Bennett Blue Dress 11or a Gucci pug keychain?Choies Gray Suede Trench LK Bennett Blue Dress 12and a personalized @Instagram necklace? I ordered this necklace after seeing Soo of Fab Foods Chicago wearing it to an event in lieu of a name tag. I loved the idea (and especially loved the idea of not having to wear a sticker name tag everywhere) and ordered one the very next day. It’s a great gift idea for any social media lovers in your life too *wink wink*.Choies Gray Suede Trench LK Bennett Blue Dress 14Once we finished soaking up the beautiful view from the roof, we explored the remaining four floors of showrooms.Restoration Hardware Chicago ShowroomRestoration Hardware Chicago Showroom 2Each one decorated in the style of simple elegance that has long embodied the RH aesthetic.
Restoration Hardware Chicago Showroom 1Restoration Hardware Chicago Showroom 4Restoration Hardware Chicago Showroom 5Their lighting fixtures are particularly entrancing!
Restoration Hardware Chicago Showroom 7After my first visit with Jill I was HOOKED. I couldn’t stop dreaming of those scrambled eggs. So naturally, later the very same week, I took Anna, knowing she would appreciate the beauty and elegance of the space (not to mention that it’s perfect situated halfway between our two homes).Three Arts Club Chicago 22Just like Jill & I did, Anna instantly fell in love with the space and couldn’t stop shooting while we are there (on a side note, her photography skills are getting SO GOOD! #veryproud).Three Arts Club Chicago 23We settled down with a few lattes…Three Arts Club Chicago 25And of course after all my gushing (and jonesing), we first ordered a round of those EPIC scrambled eggs.
Three Arts Club Chicago 26After her first bite Anna instantly understood my obsession. These scrambled eggs really will ruin you for all others!Three Arts Club Chicago 28Then we ordered two plates combined onto one large one: the smoked salmon platter and the Délice de Bourgogne Cheese platter. Three Arts Club Chicago 27The smoked salmon comes with every accoutrement imaginable — everything from the same texas toast served with my beloved scrambled eggs to thin-sliced cucumbers and radishes, capers, pickled onions, and… Three Arts Club Chicago 33cream cheese with salmon roe.Three Arts Club Chicago 30It’s one magnificent spread!
Three Arts Club Chicago 31The cheese platter comes with an enormous slice of cheese, plenty of glazed pecans, a ramekin of fruit preserves, and…
Three Arts Club Chicago 32a fresh crusty baguette!

Looking for a perfect meal followed by some ridiculously inspirational interior designs? Chicago’s new Restoration Hardware showroom is bound to become a new obsession… you’ll probably run into me face-diving into yet another plate of scrambled eggs while you’re there!

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