10 Reasons I’m Excited for Fall Fashion

Brace yourselves — today is the first day of FALL! And if you’ve ever experienced a true, Midwestern fall then you know why I’m beyond excited that the “official” arrival of autumn is here. There’s really nothing like the majesty…


Lunch at Travelle Kitchen + Bar

I’ve long been in love with the Langham Hotel — it’s the ultimate luxury hotel and perfectly situated along the Chicago River just blocks from some of the best spots in Chicago. But despite the many times I’ve been there…


MushroomStew’s “Mushie” Toast

Long ago when I started my Instagram account, I made my username “MushroomStew” after all the inside jokes in my family about our mutual love for mushrooms. Little did I know that the name would stick… actually it would stick…


Cheetah & Leopard

“A leopard does not change his spots, or change his feeling that spots are rather a credit.” — Ivy Compton-Burnett