Vegas Eats || Bouchon Bistro at The Venetian

Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasEver since I’ve started working in the restaurant industry as a photographer, I’ve kept a bucket list of restaurant “must trys”.

The sort of places I’ve heard from countless sources are ground-breaking, life-changing, and undoubtedly worth the trip to try.

Bucket list worthy stops.

And one of the very FIRST places I added to that list was Thomas Keller’s Bouchon.

Thomas Keller has won every culinary award under the sun including Michelin stars and Time Magazine’s award for “America’s Best Chef”. He’s a favorite of Anthony Bourdain and is constantly inventing and reinventing cuisine for the American palette. And his famous bistro eatery opened a branch in Vegas in 2004 to bring a little culinary sophistication to the Sin City.

So while Hubby and I were in Vegas last month for a good friend’s wedding, I leapt at the chance to finally check Bouchon off my bucket list! One bright and sunny morning we headed over to the Venetian for brunch.Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasThe bistro has a very charming, authentic French feel to it with beautifully tiled floors, large imposing windows, and…Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las Vegasthis giant display of wine glasses.Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasIt feels very Parisienne in nature though it is ironically located in the Venetian (inspired by Venice, Italy obviously).
Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasFirst Hubby and I started out with some much-needed coffee after a rather… ahem… rough night the night before.Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasThen came the condiments for brunch — fresh raspberry jam and creamy butter.Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasFor his brunch, Hubby ordered the Hachis de Merguez — a house-made merguez sausage hash served with two eggs any style and toast.
Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasHubby even took the time to break the yolk for me on camera — what a sweetheart!Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasHe enjoyed it but found the amount of sausage to be a little overwhelming in comparison to the eggs and therefore a little salty. He did however finish the entire dish regardless.Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasVery quickly after these photos were taken I must add!Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasI opted for the Saumon Fumé — smoked salmon with a petite baguette, chive cream cheese, red onion, tomato and capers.
Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las Vegas The baguette was remarkably fresh with a crunchy outer shell which made for a unique break from so many of the lox and bagels you’ll find on other menus.Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasThe smoked salmon was the real highlight for me though with its melt-in-your-mouth texture and rich, oily (but not overly so) nature.
Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las VegasI was beyond thrilled to finally check Bouchon off my restaurant bucket list but when Hubby snapped this photo of me, he told me I didn’t look excited enough (hello, hangover!)…Bouchon Bistro The Venetian Las Vegas So I pulled out the most excited face I could. YAY, Bouchon!
The Venetian Las VegasAfter such a filling brunch, Hubby and I decided to wander the lovely corridors of the Venetian to burn off some calories.
The Venetian Las VegasBut it’s the spectacular Venetian façade outside that really takes your breath away. Even with those so-not-real gondola canals…The Venetian Las VegasLuckily the building itself feels a lot more authentic and Italian in nature.Bouchon Bakery The Venetian Las VegasBefore we left, we just HAD to stop into the Bouchon Bakery downstairs for a gourmet snack…
Bouchon Bakery The Venetian Las Vegas You know, because we weren’t already full enough…
Bouchon Bakery The Venetian Las Vegas And because there are so many delicious options to choose from!Bouchon Bakery The Venetian Las VegasI immediately honed in on one very specific shelf — the shelf which contained Bouchon’s sandwich cookie options include their gigantic take on an Oreo dubbed the TKO (Thomas Keller’s Oreo).Bouchon Bakery The Venetian Las Vegas Which I’d heard SO much about I couldn’t stop myself from ordering… despite being completely stuffed from our brunch.Bouchon Bakery The Venetian Las VegasAhaha at last… TKO Cookie Victory!
Bouchon Bakery The Venetian Las Vegas


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