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White Bell Sleeve Jeans Red Tan Chic OutiftRules like ‘don’t wear white after Labor Day’ or ‘shoes matching the handbag’ are antiquated. Modern women should feel free to experiment.

— Stacy London

White Bell Sleeve Jeans Red Tan Chic OutiftWhite Bell Sleeve Jeans Red Tan Chic OutiftWhite Bell Sleeve Jeans Red Tan Chic OutiftWhite Bell Sleeve Jeans Red Tan Chic OutiftWhite Bell Sleeve Jeans Red Tan Chic OutiftWhite Bell Sleeve Jeans Red Tan Chic OutiftWhite Bell Sleeve Jeans Red Tan Chic OutiftWhite Bell Sleeve Jeans Red Tan Chic OutiftSHOP THE LOOK:

Coat – Asos (similar) || Blouse – SheIn (only $16!) || Jeans – J Brand || Bag – Forever 21 (similar|| Pumps – Gianvito Rossi || Necklaces – c/o Bauble Bar ( 1 / 2|| Sunglasses – Céline (bought on the Real Real) || Lips – Estee Lauder in ‘Scarlet Siren’

Photos courtesy of Ali of Those White Walls

White has got to be one of the loveliest shades to wear.

It makes a pale girl like me look tan.

It makes darker skin glow.

It universally brightens and lifts any outfit without adding any color.

The sort of color you really shouldn’t wear just during the spring and summer months (even if that’s what the “fashion rules” dictate).

Few hues can manage to be as useful and versatile as white regardless of the occasion or time of year. And white jeans? Well they’re the sort of wardrobe essential you use and wear for DECADES.

I LIVE in my white jeans spring, summer, fall, AND winter because let’s face it — white jeans are just too GOOD to only wear between Memorial Day and Labor Day!


1. Cut

As a petite gal with curvy hips, I tend to gravitate towards skinny jeans in crop lengths as I find them the most flattering. But everyone’s body is different. Experiment with different cuts and lengths of white jeans before investing. Try on a lot of pairs from different brands before settling on the right cut for you and your body type.

Don’t know where to start? I always like to take pictures in the dressing room and look at them later at home where I can best evaluate the different lengths and designs. It helps to look at each cut after you’ve stepped out of the dressing room and taken a breather.

2. Fabric Composition

This is something most people don’t look at when buying jeans but is actually one of the most important things to check. Jeans composed of at least 95% cotton will be stiffer and will “hold you in place” better than jeans with less cotton and more spandex. Jeans with at least 95% cotton run a higher risk of shrinking in the dryer too so as a general rule, I always air-dry these pairs which is something to take into consideration before buying. Jeans that have higher spandex amounts tend to be stretchier but run the risk of losing their shape and bagging out over time, which can be very difficult to fix.

Evaluate the jeans you already have in your wardrobe — how many of them contain more than 95% cotton? Use this as a guide to the fabric compositions you should invest in for future jean purchases.

3. Design

Shreds, holes, embellishments? Jeans come in all sort of designs from the ultra-minimal to the classic to the wacky. What styles work best with your personal wardrobe? Be sure to pick a design that can work with a multitude of looks — since white jeans are a wardrobe essential, it’s important to invest in a pair or two that you’ll be able to use time and time again.

I have one pair of plain white jeans and one pair of shredded white jeans —  between the two styles I can make almost any look I could possibly want.

4. Budget

Jeans are one of those wardrobe investments that can get expensive fast. Before you begin shopping, take some time to think through your budget. For the past 6 years or so I’ve worn and loved J Brand jeans which are expensive but worth the price. That said all sorts of high street retailers are marketing some great denim at pretty much every price point so don’t be discouraged if you have a small budget. I’ve linked to plenty of white denim pairs below that are under $35!

What do you think? Are white jeans one of your wardrobe essentials?

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