Trend to Try || Foodie Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Tree 2015 7 It’s no secret that I LOVE Christmas — it’s always been the holiday I look forward to the most. The holiday I can count on to lift my spirits during dark times (and the darkest month).

And, if you’ve followed along for two years, than you probably know I’m quite the ornament addict too.

Whenever I travel somewhere new I rarely buy souvenirs EXCEPT a magnet for my fridge and an ornament for my Christmas tree. Over the years I’m amassed quite an impressive collection!

And every year I make Christmas tree decorating a real ritual. I watch Christmas movies, slowly light the tree and add plenty of small double-sided mirrors around the trunk for extra sparkle. Then I add dozens of gold glitter holly branches on picks for texture as well as glittered poinsettia flowers. Then come the ornaments…

And for the past three years I’ve been so excited to see foodie ornaments really become a thing! Christmas Tree 2015 3As a self-described foodie, I just love the idea of covering my holiday tree in my favorite foods. And there are so many quirky options to choose from these days!
Christmas Tree 2015 1Like Chinese take-out boxes…Christmas Tree 2015Gingerbread Houses…Christmas Tree 2015 2Fruits and Vegetables…Christmas Tree 2015 4And even donuts and pizza!Christmas Tree 2015 6I’m so thrilled to see the trend flourishing this year too!

Have you ever thought about adding a few foodie ornaments to your Christmas tree this season? Here are some of the cleverest ones I’ve found so far this year:

And some of the chicest traditional ornaments I’ve found this year too:

(a HUGE thank you to Anna of Noir Friday for letting me use these photos I shot of her beautiful Christmas tree last year. We have so many of the same ornaments — I guess great minds do think alike. Sadly with all that’s gone on this past week I haven’t been home to decorate my own tree yet…)

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