Sunny Days at Antique Taco

Antique Taco ChicagoIs there anything that screams of summer more than tacos??

One of the first spots I featured here on Sed Bona last summer was Antique Taco. It was my first visit and ever since I’ve been addicted to their colorful, zesty brand of Mexican fusion cuisine. AT specializes in combinations and flavors you can’t find anywhere else all served in a down-to-earth space with large windows and plenty of sunshine — it’s not hard to see why Chicagoans are addicted!

So when gorgeous Soraya flew in from the UAE a few weeks ago, we both suggested the exact same spot.

Because nothing beats tacos and warm early summer sunshine!

Antique Taco here we come…Antique Taco Le Specs Sunglasses Antique Taco Seasonal Margherita I started out with this seasonal papaya basil margarita — tasty but a little on the weak side (especially considering how strong the margaritas just a few blocks away at Big Star are!). But I always appreciate the quirky attention to detail AT puts in their food and the birch straw in my margarita was one of the cutest touches I’ve seen. Antique Taco Guacomole Chips and guac are a must at AT. The flavors are creamy and rich — the perfect cooling compliment to some spicy tacos! Moschino Bear iPhone Cover Don’t you just love Soraya’s Moschino iPhone case (available here)? Apparently these cases are seriously popular in Abu Dhabi and I can see why — I doubt I would have cracked my iPhone 6 screen if it had been protected in this bad boy.
Antique Taco Habanero PopcornWe also snacked on another of our favorite starters: the Habanero Popcorn! Each kernel is so salty, spicy and cheesy… it’s modern Mexican comfort food. I love it so much it even made my “Best Things I Ate in 2014” post!Antique Taco Chicago Garlic Shrimp TacosNext came our tacos!

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Antique Taco Garlic Shrimp Kale TacoWe both sampled a big Yelp favorite: the Garlic Shrimp tacos. Flavorful shrimp covered in cauliflower elote, basil avocado salsa and crispy kale chips. This taco combines beautiful textures with a bright, spicy zing and a surprising amount of good-for-you ingredients. It may have just transplanted AT’s Fish Tacos as my favorite!

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But you knew we wouldn’t be able to resist dessert either!
Antique Taco Abuelita's POP TARTAfter hearing about how fabulous AT’s Abuelita’s Pop Tart is time and time and time again, we finally managed to snag a few bites for ourselves! Antique Taco Abuelita's POP TART 2Literally oozing with mexican chocolate and marshmallows, this is a mexican s’more taken to gourmet extremes! The crust of the pop tart is buttery and flakey but stands up well to its gooey contents. And the chocolate…

Don’t get me started on the chocolate!

The flavors were rich and cocoa-y, melding with the cinnamon and marshmallow beautifully. And the ice cream provided the perfect cooling component to balance out all the richness of the pop tart.

Ten out of ten!

If you’re looking to celebrate the arrival of summer with some of the most colorful, flavorful and original Mexican fare — look no further than AT!

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