A Breakfast Ritual

Almond Danish Breakfast with FruitAfter being together for as long as we have, H and I have developed our own culture and little rituals. One of my very favorites is our weekend breakfast ritual: after a long week, we share a good meal and an even better conversation. It all started few years ago. Hubby and I became regulars at our favorite breakfast diner, every weekend rediscovering that omelettes and coffee led to some of our best brainstorms. Maybe it had something to do with how relaxing breakfast food and my husband’s company can be — that or how effective caffeine is. Packed into a busy diner sipping our coffee and pondering the problems of the world, we would come out of our “coffee conversations” cleansed and energized with new motivation to fuel whatever projects we were working on.

Now we breakfast on weekends religiously and our ritual has grown to include some elaborately prepared home-cooked meals as well. No week is complete without our weekend breakfast ritual and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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