My Birthday Canal Cruise in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Private Canal Cruise2017 was one hell of a year.

I ate some INCREDIBLE dishes, wore some of my favorite outfits ever, and traveled more than I have any year previously (Finland || Mexico || Italy).

But when I think about the very best moment from 2017, the VERY BEST, it would hands down have to be my family’s cruise through the canals of Amsterdam for my 30th birthday.Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseMy Husband, Sister, Mom and I all got dressed up to celebrate my 30th birthday…Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseOn the water in the beautiful Marie Zurlohe, an authentic 1912 canal saloon boat.Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseThe boat itself was incredible — so much old world glamour and vintage charm!Amsterdam Private Canal Cruise It was the perfect place to settle in for a sunset cruise on a warm day!Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseWe naturally dove right into the celebration libations,Amsterdam Private Canal Cruiseand were off on our aquatic tour of Amsterdam!Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseAfter making a pit stop for birthday nibbles too!Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseIncluding these divine oysters (my favorite!),Amsterdam Private Canal Cruisethis entire platter of Dutch cheese,Amsterdam Private Canal Cruiseand a wide selection of vegetables and canapés,Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseWhich were all made with the freshest seafood.Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseConsidering that champagne, cheese, and oysters are all some of my favorite foods, this was, undoubtedly, the most perfect birthday meal I could ask for!Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseAnd we scarfed it down faster than I’ll ever admit on the Internet.Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseNow most visitors and locals in Amsterdam will tell you the same thing:

If you want to SEE Amsterdam, you have to see it from the water.
Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseOn our previous two trips to Amsterdam, Hubby and I had taken larger, more touristy canal cruises.

And while I would absolutely recommend any canal cruise you can find with good ratings (it is the best way to see Amsterdam and there are so many to choose from!), if you have the budget, renting a vintage option of your own is absolutely the way to go!Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseOur Captain took us all around the city, past the stunning Rijksmuseum, through the vibrant Red Light District, and into the calm, picturesque neighborhood of the Jordaan.Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseOnce you’re on the water sailing past Amsterdam’s endless rows of canal houses, you’ll begin to understand why Amsterdam must be seen from the water.Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseIt’s a fresh perspective on the buildings,Amsterdam Private Canal Cruisethe canals, and the bridges themselves.
Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseWe loved boating through these ancient river tunnels!Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseAnd I was able to get some incredible shots of the entire city without even getting up.Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseIt’s truly a feast for the eyes to cruise around Amsterdam!Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseWe could NOT stop shooting it!Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseAnd naturally, at the end of our journey, we celebrated with a little 30th Birthday Cake too!Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseWhich made for the perfect gourmet finale to my birthday cruise and what will always be one of my happiest family memories ever!
Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseCheers to such an incredible birthday cruise with my family…Amsterdam Private Canal CruiseI know it’ll be a memory I cherish for a lifetime!

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