25 Classic Coats Under $200

Polka Dot Fedora OutfitI have a classic taste with a twist, because classic never goes away.

— Nadia Comaneci

Polka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora Outfit Polka Dot Fedora OutfitPolka Dot Fedora OutfitSHOP THE LOOK:

Coat – Michael Kors || Dress – SheIn (ONLY $9!) || Bag – Céline || Hat – Biltmore c/o 10th Street Hats || Pumps – Zara || Tights – Nordstrom

Alright, I know from the title of my post, I’m supposed to be talking about classic coats but can you believe this dress only costs $9?

Seriously, $9!?

It’s proof that you don’t need an endless bank account to feel beautiful and pulled together. Because that’s exactly how I feel in this dress… a dress that somehow costs less than most of my grab ‘n go lunches can still make me feel like a million dollars.

And this actually ties in perfectly with my theme for today’s post: 25 classic coats under $200.

Because, with winter quickly approaching,…

a) I don’t believe in spending a fortune on outerwear. I own two designer coats and every time I wear them I’m so nervous I’ll destroy them. And history is on my side… I brutalize my coats, as does our messy, snowy winter weather. Buying a less expensive coat avoids the inevitable guilt I feel when my camera tripod strap accidentally rips off my sleeve (yes, this happened. And yes, this happened with a $400 coat. And yes, I spent a fortune getting the sleeve sewn back on properly. Learn from my mistake!).

b) I believe in having a few coats to rotate between. There’s nothing worse than the winter wardrobe doldrums. You know what I’m talking about right? That annoying feeling that no matter what you wear, if you have only one coat, you’ll feel like you’re wearing the same thing over and over again? I hate it. I need at least two or three coats to rotate through during the cold months so I don’t die of winter wardrobe boredom. It’s also practical to rotate your coats as daily wear is very harsh on any piece of clothing.

c) you’re avoiding overpriced rip-offs. Unless your coat is filled with expensive down, made with cashmere, or lined with thinsulate, there’s no reason it should ever cost more than $300. If it does, then you’re paying for the design and the brand name. Which are perfectly valid reasons for buying a coat, don’t get me wrong, but it’s important to make sure you’re buying expensive pieces with purpose and intention.

Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way! It may be the most unglamorous season Chicago has but a chic, classic coat can help you survive it stylishly…

And a classic, inexpensive coat? Well that just gives you extra money to plan a warm-weather escape with.

My favorites:

P.S. My green Michael Kors coat was a sale season snag last year but it’s available in three colors right now and is on sale for less than $230. It may be just slightly over today’s $200 limit but it’s an amazing coat made of such high-quality wool. If you’re looking to (slightly) splurge, I can’t recommend it enough!

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