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Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos When you think of Mexico and particularly Mexican food, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?


Those fluffy delicious tortillas stuffed with everything scrumptious and wonderful in the world…

Oh how I LOVE a good taco.

(Don’t you?)

So when I visited Los Cabos and the Baja Peninsula for the first time in March, one of the first things on my agenda was “find the best baja fish taco in Los Cabos”.

And while my trip certainly wasn’t long enough to try ALL the baja fish tacos in Baja, I think I’ve succeeded in finding the ONE spot you won’t want to miss!

Claro Fish Jr.

But first let’s hike up into the mountains above Los Cabos, shall we?Los Cabos Mexico When most people visit Los Cabos, they stick to the ‘classics’:

– a sunset cruise past El Arco

– dinner and drinks at a beachside restaurant

– whale watching

You get the idea.
Los Cabos Mexico
And while we certainly did ALL of those things (and loved them!), there are few excursions and adventures you can have in Los Cabos that are off the beaten path (quite literally).Los Cabos Mexico Drive into the mountains above Los Cabos and you’ll find some truly magical places. Beautiful little towns untouched by the crazy tourism just an hour away.Los Cabos Mexico And you’ll find some truly incredible places to hike in the mountains themselves…Los Cabos Mexico With all sorts of beautiful cacti,Los Cabos Mexicoand a lot of friendly residents!Los Cabos MexicoLike this cutie!Los Cabos Mexico Who was so curious about our group that he followed us around as we hiked! Los Cabos Mexico We hiked past some remarkable places,Los Cabos Mexico eventually finding our way to this hidden lake in the mountains (such a rarity to find in the desert)!Los Cabos Mexico Which was magnificent!Los Cabos Mexico And the cooling water was such a blessing in the hot sunshine!Los Cabos Mexico (and yes, I hiked in my trusty Croc sandals and didn’t have any issues keeping up with the group. So officially, I can say I hike in heels…)Los Cabos Mexico A few of us even took the full plunge in!Los Cabos Mexico Hi, Jason!Los Cabos Mexico And hi, Bret!Los Cabos Mexico Needless to say we all enjoyed the gorgeous lake…Los Cabos Mexico(Hi, Ana!)Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos But wasn’t this blog post supposed to be about tacos?

I hear you asking, and I promise I would never tease you with the ‘best fish tacos in baja’ without delivering.Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos TacosAfter our long hike through the mountains, we’d worked up QUITE an appetite and that’s how we came to know about Claro Fish Jr.Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos If you’ve been to Los Cabos before, you’ve probably heard of it — it’s one of the highest rated taco spots in Baja! It’s also a franchise you can find all across Mexico that started right in Baja.Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos Keep a lookout for one next time you’re in Mexico — but DEFINITELY don’t miss it when you’re in Los Cabos. The amazing seafood from the Sea of Cortez makes this particular location worth seeking out!Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos The menu is small with no frills… just choose a filling and a style (toritos, tacos, burritos, etc.).Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos First off start with a michelada (one of my favorite drinks to have in Mexico!).Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos TacosClaro Fish Jr’s is spicy, zesty, and served in a huge bowl of a glass so it’s the perfect post-hike recovery tonic!Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos Then order a dish of ceviche to share for the table — it’ll disappear in moments so be sure to snap a quick photo before it’s gone!Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos TacosLoving ceviche the way I do, I was smitten with Claro’s take.Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos TacosWhich was perfectly zingy and fresh. You can really experience the flavors of Baja through just one super-fresh plate of ceviche!Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos TacosBut the tacos are what you REALLY have to order here!Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos TacosWhen they’re first dropped at your table you might be a little disappointed… until you see the HUGE buffet of toppings and salsas you can pile on to your liking…Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos Voila! The PERFECT baja fish tacos (I tried the fried shrimp tacos too and highly recommend them!).Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos I mean have you ever looked at a sexier, more authentic plate of tacos?Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos I still dream about these ALL the time. ALL. THE. TIME.Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos Add a good squeeze of lime on top and you have the most perfect Baja meal ever created!Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos Tacos Get in my belly, gorgeous!

(Side Note: I really need to stop writing posts like this on an empty stomach… it makes for some serious food FOMO. Can you blame me?)Claro Fish Jr. Los Cabos TacosTo finish, I’d highly recommend Claro’s flan which is silky and full of rich caramel flavor!

The next time you’re in Baja, step off the beaten path and explore the mountains where hardly any tourists ever go. Just be sure to stop for the best fish tacos in Baja at Claro Fish Jr. after!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary hike and lunch at Claro Fish Jr. through the Mexican Board of Tourism to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are ALWAYS my own.

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