London Eats || Fish & Chips at Golden Union

Golden Union Fish & Chips London Tucked into the busy streets of Soho London is a retro-inspired fish and chip shop rumored to have THE best fish and chips in all of London.

So naturally while my family and I were across the pond last September we couldn’t resist doing a little investigation of our own.

Meet Golden Union. THE Soho fish & chips shop.

Don’t believe me? Read the Trip Advisor reviews and decide for yourself.Golden Union Fish & Chips LondonGolden Union is a very unassuming little chip shop — walking up to it we almost missed its teeny entry!
Golden Union Fish & Chips LondonLuckily there are a few large red signs pointing you in the right direction (if your nose wasn’t already leading you right there).Golden Union Fish & Chips LondonWalk inside and you’ll instantly understand why Golden Union is SO popular.Golden Union Fish & Chips London The menu (for dine-in or take-out) is extensive but solely focused on fish and chips and other british comfort foods such as pie.
Golden Union Fish & Chips London The best part is that before you order you can actually look at the dishes available for the day to help you decide!Golden Union Fish & Chips LondonPersonally I couldn’t take my eyes off this delicious display of fried cod…
Golden Union Fish & Chips LondonWe decided to dine-in and found ourselves a cozy table,Golden Union Fish & Chips Londoncomplete with the cutest little tomato ketchup containers.Golden Union Fish & Chips London We started with a round of cider because… well, we HAD to do something while we waited for our meals.Golden Union Fish & Chips London Which came promptly and piping hot!Golden Union Fish & Chips London We pretty much all chose between the cod or haddock fish with chips.Golden Union Fish & Chips London Both were absolutely delicious!
Golden Union Fish & Chips LondonIf you’re a fan of cod though, you really can’t do wrong with Golden Union’s cod. It’s so crispy, crunchy, and moist!

I may or may not have devoured MOST of this plate moments after this photo was taken…Golden Union Fish & Chips LondonIf only to stop and enjoy this very british side of mushy peas and…
Golden Union Fish & Chips Londona pickled gherkin. Just to ensure that our meal was as quintessentially British as it gets!

If you ever find yourself in London wanting a casual, delicious, memorable meal of British comfort food, head to Golden Union for their EPIC fish & chips. You won’t be disappointed.

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