Okay, okay… “Most Instagrammable Airbnb in Mexico” might be a TAD misleading considering… a) I’ve never stayed at any Airbnbs in Mexico EXCEPT this one AND… b) I have no way to scientifically define “most Instagrammable Airbnb” for you So… View Post

Los Cabos is a magical place — a serene yet chaotic destination perched along the beautiful Sea of Cortez on the Baja Peninsula. Loving Mexican food the way I do, I knew my first trip to Los Cabos would be… View Post

This week I’ve been in GOOOOOOORGEOUS Los Cabos for the very first time and it’s literally taken my breath away. But whenever I come to Mexico, I feel like it takes my breath away. Beautiful, beautiful Mexico. Over the years… View Post

There are few hotels I’ve been to in my life that are more gorgeous, more breath-taking, and more memorable than today’s hotel in Mérida, Mexico. Mansión Mérida on the Park. Otherwise known as a tropical paradise given a European twist.… View Post

There’s a lot to be said for travel and it’s many benefits. And certain destinations have a way of sticking with you. A way of imbibing you with a real passion for life. Like the Yucatán  in Mexico — by… View Post