I seriously can’t believe June is already almost over! I remember this happening last summer. One minute it was Memorial Day weekend, the next it was already September. WOW does time fly these days! I struggle to hold on to each moment… View Post

May has got to be one of THE most playful months of the entire year — everything is in bloom, the world is bathed in saturated color, and everyone is ready to have FUN! And it’s a month of great reasons to party!… View Post

“The biggest thing you can do is understand that every time you’re going to the grocery store, you’re voting with your dollars. Support your farmers’ market. Support local food. Really learn to cook.” — Alice Waters

Summer really is the perfect time to explore Chicago. The city comes to life in such a bright and vibrant way (compensation for our rough Chiberia winters) and the architecture positively glows in the warm sunshine. It’s the perfect time… View Post

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” — Rachel Zoe