Channeling Tchaikovsky

To regret the past, to hope in the future, and never to be satisfied with the present: that is what I spend my whole life doing.”

— Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky


Trench – Old (similar) || Dress – Old (similar) || Boots – Aquatalia || Bag – Gucci || Hat – Amazon || Gloves – Amazon

Photos by Sandy Noto

With Christmas in just a few short days, it’s hard to believe the year is already coming to a close.

It’s been such a hard year, I’m glad to see it go. Hubby and I hoped London would be a distraction from our latest loss but coming home has only brought back the pain more vividly.

If I wish for anything this Christmas, it’s for a brighter 2019. The last three years have been filled with family tragedy, loss, and shock. I can only hope 2019 brings hope, happiness, and some form of understanding.

Because I still have much to understand about what has happened these last few years…

But you know I deal with serious issues in a goofy way so enjoy this winner of a blooper from this festive shoot!

And a HUGE thank you to my friend Sandy for taking these photos and for cheering me up after Johnny’s death last month.

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