5 Winter Skincare Favorites

Chicago is notorious for its brutal winters. In fact, while on our cruise through Alaska this September, H and I were told by many locals in Juneau, Ketchikan and even in Anchorage that Chicago sounded like it had WORSE winters…


Adventures in the Magic Kingdom || Part Two

Back in November, my sister Emily and I had the grand fortune to transform into our eight-year-old selves and romp around Disneyworld’s Magic Kingdom in foam tiaras. You can catch up with our misadventures in Part One in case you missed…


Roka Akor

Back in September, Soraya (of Chic Flavours) moved to Abu Dhabi with her husband, leaving us Chicago bloggers sadly behind. We all missed her terribly so when she mentioned she would be back in Chicago in December, we immediately scheduled…


Snow Day!

“A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky — unbidden — and seems like a thing of wonder.” — Susan Orlean