Alaska || Part One

Back on our honeymoon in January, H and I met a wonderful couple, Helen and Walter, who convinced us to book a cruise to Alaska with them for the end of August. H and I jumped at the chance to…


Eataly Chicago

A few weeks ago, Soraya, Katherine, Gigi and I had a blogger lunch at Chicago’s Eataly, one of 27 locations around the world offering a unique marriage of high-quality Italian groceries and restaurants all under one roof.This was my very first visit…


Summer Snapshots

Summer always seems to end so abruptly after Labor Day, doesn’t it? Having been in Ketchikan, Alaska on Labor Day, I had Fall forced upon me very early this year (even though it was 90 degrees back home) and I even…


A Magnificent Taste 2014

It’s been so long since my last post! Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you all, dear readers. H and I just returned from an 8-day cruise to Alaska and I simply can’t wait to share our adventure with you. But…


Summer Dim Sum

Last week H and I ventured north of Millennium Park and had a unique dim sum date on Yum Cha’s newly opened patio. This was our first time trying Yum Cha and I have to admit, the location did not disappoint: