Shinrin-yoku, developed in Japan in the 1980’s, translates as ‘forest bathing’ or ‘luxuriating in the woods’ and is now a recognized relaxation technique, similar to natural aromatherapy.


Tiptoeing Through the Pumpkin Patch

Here in the Midwest, visiting a pumpkin patch is practically paramount to the definition of fall. So a few weeks Katherine and I hopped in the car and went to the pumpkin patch I’ve been visiting since I was a…


Indianapolis || Napolese Pizzeria

Back in September (where did the time go?!), my Mom and I road-tripped down to Indianapolis to celebrate my sister Emily’s birthday. Emily took us to a delectable little spot in the Fashion Mall called Napolese Pizzeria where we ate…


30 Facts

Earlier this week, Gigi wrote this post of 30 Facts about herself and asked me to share some as well. So here it goes… 30 Facts About Me 1. I always wanted to be a chef and attended my first cooking class…


Summer Snapshots

Summer always seems to end so abruptly after Labor Day, doesn’t it? Having been in Ketchikan, Alaska on Labor Day, I had Fall forced upon me very early this year (even though it was 90 degrees back home) and I even…