The Things That Matter

Rent the Runway Tanya Taylor--13“Design and style should work toward making you look good and feel good without a lot of effort so you can get on with the things that matter.”

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Dress – Tanya Taylor c/o Rent the Runway || Bag – Zara (similar) || Sandals – Stuart Weitzman (similar) || Jewelry – J Crew Necklace & Forever 21 Cuff

Photos courtesy of fellow blogger Heidi

When I think about the things that really matter in my life, the clothing I wear is far more a means to an end than an end in itself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made quite the journey of building a high-quality wardrobe I can use and love for years. But when I think about the things that really matter to me, my style feels more like a creative outlet or by-product of my life than something that has true meaning in itself for me.

My family matters. Having true and honest moments with them matters.

My husband matters. He matters deeply. He’s my rock and my foundation. My partner-in-crime.

My pugs matter. They’re my bundles of happy, positive energy.

My work matters. It fills me with purpose and a strong sense of well-being. Not to mention pays the bills!

My friends matter. Without them I’d be forever lost.

And always pushing myself forward as a person matters. It’s the only thing that ensures I’m always growing and adapting.

But clothing… does it matter? As a style blogger I often wonder what people must think when they come to my blog. Lucky? Spoiled? Elite? I often find myself wondering how I can convey more of myself here. How I can be really ME. Because the truth is while I find fashion and style to be an endlessly amusing hobby, I know better than most how little the things I buy and wear matter. I love it. But I know it doesn’t matter. I find it perpetually addicting to use myself as my own artistic canvas, as a personal mode of expression. But I know it doesn’t matter.

Life is short. And while I do love showing off great outfits in fun locations, I want to set the record straight — focusing on what matters is the most important thing you can do with your time and money. Full Stop.


A great, easy outfit that you feel confident in can help you focus on the things that DO matter better. For better or worse we humans care a lot about our appearance and wearing something stylish and comfortable can really make focusing on important things A LOT simpler. One good outfit, in a lot of ways, really can make all the difference. As long as we have our priorities set firmly in place and keep our focus on the things that really matter, a great outfit can make focusing on the things that matter THAT much easier.


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