Blogger Brunch with Hush Puppies

Summer House Chicago Brunch Last week iconic American shoe brand Hush Puppies hosted an intimate brunch with some of the city’s top bloggers at one of my favorite Chicago spots, Summer House Santa Monica.

I was honored to be invited, especially considering how much I adore brunch at Summer House!Summer House Chicago Brunch Summer House is easily one of the most appropriately named restaurants in the city.Summer House Chicago BrunchThe decor SCREAMS summer!
Summer House Chicago Brunch The large ceiling of windows, the light ‘n beachy color palette, and the ample plant life really do make you feel like it’s June…

Even in the midst of a Chiberia February.Summer House Chicago BrunchSummer House Chicago BrunchThe Hush Puppies brunch was held in one of the private dining rooms in the back of Summer House — a darker, moodier space with a large wall-length fireplace. The perfect spot to cozy into on a gloomy, rainy day!
Summer House Chicago BrunchSummer House Chicago BrunchImmediately after arriving we were supplied with VERY necessary mimosas while we perused the new Hush Puppies spring collection.

(P.s. my nail color has KALE in it!)Summer House Chicago BrunchYou can’t go wrong with mimosas and shoes!Summer House Chicago BrunchAren’t these pink loafers so fun?Summer House Chicago BrunchI loved all the tassles Hush Puppies has used this season too!Summer House Chicago BrunchThere was even a mirror for us to try on pairs with — but apparently I only took a photo while wearing my own Joie booties [insert laugh/cry emoji here].Summer House Chicago BrunchWhile we shopped, a watercolor artist sketched down our outfits, turning each one into a true work of art.Summer House Chicago BrunchKatherine of Engineering in Style’s sketch turned out the best I think!
Summer House Chicago BrunchBut Samantha of Gold Coast Girl’s turned out beautifully too (remember Sam from the David Yurman Guide to Chicago Date Spots last spring?).Summer House Chicago BrunchIt was such a wonderful morning. After the last few slow months of winter it was nice to break out of hibernation and see all my favorite bloggers again!

Heidi of Wishes & Reality and Anna of A Lily Love Affair are two of my absolute favorites — they’re such true hearts from the inside out.
Summer House Chicago BrunchAs are Mary of Sportsanista and Jen of Red Soles & Red Wine (who is also co-owner of incredible brand T&J Designs).
Summer House Chicago BrunchDon’t you just love this pant/lace top combination Mary was sporting (pun intended, Mary!)?Summer House Chicago BrunchJenn of Cranberry Tantrums (remember her from the Streetcar Named Desire ballet promo last May?) and Joanna of Grace in Style both rocking some gorgeous prints for spring.
Summer House Chicago BrunchI’ve also recently met beautiful stylist Christine of Tristin Styling and am already FLOORED by her style. She’s got that quirky LA vibe Chicago desperately needs more of (not to mention a BALLER collection of Fendi poms).

Anyone who has a Chanel beanie is bound to be pretty fabulous though, wouldn’t you agree?Summer House Chicago BrunchThe tablescape for our brunch was beautifully set.Summer House Chicago BrunchAll of the flowers were so bright and quirky for spring (and I ended up taking home one of the arrangements and using it as a centerpiece for our Easter meal FOUR days later too! Wasn’t that sweet of them?). Summer House Chicago BrunchI could have shot this bouquet all day — I love arrangements like this that have so much texture and depth!Summer House Chicago BrunchEventually we all settled in, took our places and the brunch began.
Summer House Chicago BrunchNow if you know me at all, my brunch order won’t come as a surprise…Summer House Chicago BrunchI ALWAYS order Summer House’s Avocado Toast. Summer House Chicago BrunchI mean, you can’t go wrong with this creamy, crunchy, mellow-yet-flavorful combination in the morning. The artisan housemade bread really takes it to a whole new level!

And it’s such a fresh break from all of the Mashed Pea & Scrambled Egg Tartines I’ve been bingeing on this spring.Summer House Chicago BrunchSummer House Chicago BrunchMmmm, give me some of that #eggporn!Summer House Chicago BrunchBut I’ll admit, Nicole of Cedar & Rush’s Acapulco Omelette with avocado, jalapeño, oaxaca cheese, and crispy tortilla strips had me drooling too.Summer House Chicago BrunchWe also snacked on plenty of fresh fruit,
Summer House Chicago Brunch (including these extra juicy strawberries)Summer House Chicago Brunchand candied strips of delicious bacon.Summer House Chicago BrunchFor dessert we tried blueberry muffins,Summer House Chicago BrunchS’mores bars, oatmeal cookies, and — my personal favorite — sea salt chocolate chip cookies (use my recipe to make them at home too!).Summer House Chicago BrunchIt was so wonderful catching up with everyone! See gorgeous Johanna of 101 Things I Love off on the very left? Love her!Summer House Chicago BrunchBloggers Be Grammin’!
Summer House Chicago BrunchSummer House Chicago BrunchNicole even gave Samantha and I a tutorial on Snapchat since we both need to learn to use it more for our jobs. Thanks Nicole!
Summer House Chicago Brunch Hush Puppies made sure we all went home with ENORMOUS bags of goodies too like this adorable ‘Life is… Worry Free’ notebook and…Summer House Chicago Brunchour very own pair of Hush Puppies shoes! Aren’t Heidi’s pink loafers adorable?

Here are a few of my favorite picks from this spring’s collection (the suede pairs can even resist wine stains!!!):

Thank you so much for hosting us Hush Puppies — such a beautiful brunch with even more beautiful people was exactly what the doctor ordered on such a gloomy day!

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