Taking Stock No. 4

Mulberry Willow Tote Smythson Jo Malone Glossier 2Enjoying: beautiful, warm February weather this week
Listening: to David Bowie (R.I.P. Ziggy Stardust)
Wearing: lots of pug hair, as per usual
Making: time for myself to create alone (it’s when I do my best work)

Cooking: up more shortbread cookies than necessary
Drinking: lots of green tea with a Brain Dust boost (details in a post next week!)
Feeling: confident that true hard work will pay off ten-fold
Reading: Secrets to Long-Haul Creativity

Looking: for more red dresses to go with my red pout
Wishing: for more sleep (insomnia is hitting hard this week)
Liking: Hubby not having to travel to Philly or NYC 3 days a week
Waiting: for the Organization Skills Fairy to finally pay me a visit…

Snacking: on Lush Gourmet Snack Mixes (obsessed)
Coveting: this green suede jacket
Hearing: the trilling, cooing sound of two pugs snoring on the couch
Learning: to enthusiastically embrace my own imperfections

Loving: my beautiful sister and her brilliant advice (I’d be lost without it)
Watching: A Royal Affair on Netflix (Mads Mikkelsen’s performance is entrancing)
Admiring: my mother’s strength since my grandfather died in December
Getting: excited to see Romeo & Juliet from box seats at the Lyric Opera next month

Wondering: whether or not to book a Baltic Cruise with friends this May
Playing: around with a few new ideas for blog posts (stay tuned!)
Noticing: my tan from Mexico fading
Giggling: over this video

Bookmarking: 8 of the Best Fashion Ted Talks
Deciding: to finally redecorate our living room
Hoping: to visit my grandmother in Florida again soon
Contemplating: upgrading my camera

Wanting: everything Victoria Beckham sent down the runway this week
Thinking: only after I’ve had my coffee…
Knowing: you learn more from failure than success
Opening: up my whole closet for a serious spring purge

Feeling: confident & optimistic about these next 12 months
Marveling: at how I ever made it through winter without a USB hand warmer

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