Memories from Mexico

Akumal Mexico Right now, outside our living room window, it’s snowing.

A beautiful gentle, flaky snow but snow nonetheless.

So in a last-ditch effort to recover from this winter’s seasonal depression, I’m sharing my final photo memories from our trip to Mexico for New Years.Akumal Mexico 36The colors, the sunshine, the heat… oh I miss it so!
Akumal Mexico 37Akumal Mexico 7Akumal Mexico 18Akumal Mexico 35Akumal Mexico 32Akumal Mexico 2Akumal Mexico 11Akumal Mexico 13Akumal Mexico 10One morning I even took a walk along the beach before everyone had woken and watched the sunrise…
Akumal Mexico 8Akumal Mexico 6Akumal Mexico 4Akumal Mexico 5It was absolutely breath-taking!Akumal Mexico 16But the best part of our trip was BY FAR my husband’s best friend’s wedding. Set on the beach on New Year’s Day it was a beautiful sunny day full of love, family, friends, and FUN!Akumal Mexico 17During the ceremony every guest was asked to fill a glass vase with sand and seashells from the beach.Akumal Mexico 23Cool idea, right?
Akumal Mexico 22The rest of the wedding was just as magnificent!Akumal Mexico 20Akumal Mexico 21From the stunning flowers,Akumal Mexico 29to the plentiful drinksAkumal Mexico 27(I’m a gin and tonic girl personally),
Akumal Mexico 34to the wonderful family and friends,Akumal Mexico 28and the addicting tropical nibbles.Akumal Mexico 24Akumal Mexico 25Oh and let’s not forget the desserts!Akumal Mexico 30Akumal Mexico 31Especially the most important one!Akumal Mexico 33It was a magnificent wedding and an incredible trip. Now we just need to find a reason to go back because — well, duh — it’s snowing outside!

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