On Love & Loss

On Loss and Love“Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”
— Rumi

Yesterday morning my grandfather, the last surviving male member of my family, passed away. He hadn’t been himself for a while and his death wasn’t unexpected. But that doesn’t make any of it easier — I know we will feel his loss for the rest of our lives. He really was the most incredible, generous, and selfless grandfather I could ever have wished for.

My own father passed away in 2010 and not a day has passed when I haven’t thought of him. Each day I actively try to keep his memory alive and live a life he’d be proud of. And while the pain of his loss hasn’t gotten easier, I’m forever grateful to have had such an incredible father in my life at all.

So despite the pain, I remember the happiness. I remember the jokes, the fun, the hugs, and the tears of joy. I am forever humbled to have had two of the truest hearts I’ve ever met in my family and know I am forever richer for having known them both.

To my grandfather and father — you will both live on in our hearts and memories in more profound ways than you could ever have expected. I hope someday we meet again in one form or another. Those we lose never truly leave us, after all.

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