Glamping at Camp Dana

Camp Dana 17With things as hectic and stressful as they’ve been these past two months, Hubby and I were in desperate need of a break.

We needed the chance to step away, rewind, relax, and replenish our strength.

So when I heard that the Dana Hotel + Spa (where Simply Stylist was held in July and where Apollo had his first patio date back in June) was offering a ‘glamping’ package through the end of September, suddenly a staycation at one of my favorite hotels seemed like the perfect way to nab some much-needed R&R.

A one night stay complete with hot stone massages, s’mores on the rooftop, breakfast at freestyle food + drinks, AND an in-room teepee?

Yes, yes please!Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 1Our room was stunning — the living room was full of gorgeous light!
Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 6 And our bedroom was industrial yet cozy all at the same time.
Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 4This was by far one of the coziest hotel beds I’ve ever slept in — you just SINK into the fluffy pillows!
Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 7And the massive, two spout rain shower was so luxurious!Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 2 We also had two balconies — one west-facing one.
Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 9
And one south-facing one offering a glimpse of Lake Michigan to the east…
Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 10
And a lovely view down Erie Street to the west.
Camp Dana
All Camp Dana glampers are equipped with a “survival kit” of sunscreen, camp crafts, lip balm, sleep mask, and a custom canteen (for wine, right?). 
Camp Dana 2Isn’t the canteen adorable? I wish I could have brought it camping in Wisconsin earlier this summer.

After settling into our gorgeous room Hubby and I ran down to the spa to experience our first hot stone massages. Suffusive to say the two of us could not have been happier or more relaxed when we left. Hubby had never had an official massage before (beyond my own sad attempts) and now he’s absolutely addicted! The staff in the Dana spa are so welcoming and talented — I can’t wait to go back and try more of their offerings.
Camp Dana 4After having a quick dinner Hubby and headed up to Dana’s rooftop bar and lounge, Vertigo, for a true “glamping” activity: S’mores by the fire!
Camp Dana 3Once we gathered all the necessary ingredients (plus plenty of wine, obviously), we got to work!
Camp Dana 5Camp Dana 7Burn, baby, burn! Am I the only one who likes their marshmallows charred?
Camp Dana 8Hubby thinks I’m nuts…
Camp Dana 9
But wow did these s’mores ever hit the spot! I haven’t had them in years and had forgotten how much fun (not to mention how messy) they are!

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The next morning we woke up bright and early so Hubby could catch his flight to Philly (made significantly less painful by the incredible hot stone massage the evening before).
Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 12While I met up with beautiful Katharine for breakfast at freestyle food + drink, the hotel’s first-floor restaurant.
Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 13
You already know how much I love their pup-friendly patio but their breakfast offerings are delicious too, especially my fromage blanc + eggs: creamy farmers cheese on grilled baguette with poached eggs, chimichurri sauce, and an arugula salad.

Yum!Dana Hotel & Spa Chicago 14Double Yum!
Camp Dana 11
But my favorite part of the entire experience was playing with our in-room teepee! 
Camp Dana 12
It’s the perfect spot to enjoy some coffee and catch up with your favorite blogs
Camp Dana 13
It was so rejuvenating to ‘glamp’ around one of my favorite Chicago hotels and really feel like a kid at camp again, but in a much more grown-up and luxurious way!Camp Dana 16So tell me, are you a glamper or a camper?

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Disclosure: I received a complimentary stay to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are my own.

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