Clean Eating with Organic Girl

Organic Girl Salad DressingThere are few things I look forward to more in September than the fresh produce of the summer harvest.

Everywhere from stalls on the side of the road to farmer’s markets to my Hubby’s own delicious home garden is brimming with the bounty of the season.

But I confessed last week that lately things have been difficult and with family in the hospital, I haven’t had time for much else beyond my professional deadlines. While usually I’d be at the farmer’s market religiously every week buying the best produce and concocting some delicious recipe for it, lately I’ve hardly had time to eat leftovers let alone grocery shop and cook for myself.

And while I hope that will turn around in the next few weeks, it’s been pretty upsetting to have to give away so many of Hubby’s precious home-grown heirloom tomatoes and cucumbers this year.

So when Organic Girl asked if I’d like to sample some of their organic products my normal hesitation was replaced with a wave of relief — at last I’d be able to enjoy some fresh produce on-the-go.Organic Girl Salad Dressing 2They offer a variety of unique (yet healthy) salad dressings and triple-washed (yes, you read that right) salad green mixes including baby spinach, baby kale and supergreen mixes.
Organic Girl Salad Dressing 1 I immediately jumped on the package of baby spinach (seeing as all of Hubby’s garden leafy greens failed to make it through our cold June) and ran out to the garden to grab an heirloom cucumber and a giant handful of cherry tomatoes.

I was so excited to make a salad with some of our home-grown produce again!Organic Girl Salad Dressing 3I opted to try the kale parmesan (seeing as I love anything kale OR parmesan). Organic Girl Salad Dressing 4The dressing itself is a beautiful pesto-green hue with a deliciously savory umami-flavor (thanks to the parmesan) that complimented instead of masked Hubby’s fresh vegetables.

And having the salad mix pre-washed made the entire process so quick — a huge bonus during these busy and stressful times!

After trying all four of the dressings they offer (including white cheddar, fresh tomato italian, and lemon agave), my favorite amongst them is hard to pick. The white cheddar feels wayyyy more indulgent than 60 calories a serving (and goes well on roasted potatoes as well). The tomato italian pairs beautifully with Hubby’s heirloom tomatoes. And the lemon agave is a simple, clean flavor that I keep reaching for whenever I’m not sure what I have a taste for (AND it tastes delicious on fresh broccoli).
Organic Girl Juice 2I also sampled four of Organic Girl’s juice varieties. Being a long-time fan of fresh juices, I especially appreciated the take Organic Girl took with theirs — all are under 60 calories with a focus on organic greens for flavor instead of fruit.
Organic Girl Juice 3 And while that may sound terrifying, the flavors are actually incredibly addicting!

And, I kid you not, the boost in energy and positivity they gave me was unreal. Instead of relying on the sugar-high from fruit, Organic Girl focuses on crafting a refreshing series of green juices meant replenish all those necessary daily nutrients WITHOUT unnecessary sugar for flavor.

Can I get a hallelujah?

Because things have been so difficult lately, my diet has been seriously struggling and in an effort to clean it up and boost my natural energy for these challenges, I’ve been trying to avoid sugar (I know, I know… blasphemy from the girl who always orders dessert). These juices make me feel so energetic and positive — such a godsend these days!
Organic Girl Juice 4My favorites included this Brighten Up blend with spinach, lemon, lime, bok choy, and honeydew. It’s a very light flavor that’s zesty and a real morning mood-booster.

The perfect thing to grab on your way out the door in the morning!Organic Girl Juice 6 But my absolute favorite blend is the Be Cool of mint, cucumber, spinach, green tea, and kale.

78% green & veggies! 45 calories per bottle.

With an addictive minty green tea flavor (you know how I love green tea flavored greens) that is so refreshing on a hot Indian Summer day.

I kid you not, I actually drank two of these in a single sitting.

And I am not one to be known for doubling-down on green juices…Organic Girl Juice 8Thank you Organic Girl for forcing me to “get real” with my nutrition during such a difficult time and in such a delicious way!

For those of you in Chicago — Organic Girl is currently available at all Mariano’s locations and is the perfect nutrient-dense grab ‘n go for those on the run.

In the end, what we all really need is #moregreenslessfruit, amiright?

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