Monday Mornings at Eastman Egg Company

Eastman Egg Company Chicago 5 Few egg sandwiches have ever earned the right to be called gourmet.

In fact, finding an egg sandwich that doesn’t fit the traditional egg + cheese + breakfast meat formula is the sort of search you could spend your life on.

And yet the egg sandwich is one of life’s most underrated dishes. It contains all the necessary components of a cult-classic comfort dish: cheese, eggs, bread… so why doesn’t the egg sandwich get more love?

Luckily, The Eastman Egg Company is on a mission to transform even the worst Monday mornings into gloriously gourmet ones with its piping hot offerings of unique breakfast sandwiches, bowls, and killer coffees.

This isn’t your grandmother’s breakfast spot. Eastman Egg Company Chicago 4Launched as a food truck back in 2012, Eastman Egg has been slowly converting the Windy City to its unique, local brand of breakfast ever since. Tucked comfortably into a cozy warm shop across from the Lyric Opera on Wacker in the Loop, Eastman Egg is the sort of space you walk into and never want to leave. Eastman Egg Company Chicago 3 Sourcing only the best ingredients from local producers, 85% of Eastman’s menu comes from within 200 miles of Chicago!

And yet a good cup of Sparrow coffee and a gourmet sandwich are ready in under 5 minutes and run you under $10…
Eastman Egg Company Chicago 8Now, I’m a firm believer in starting your morning off with a simple mug of black coffee — it’s one of my 5 daily essentials. But Eastman has converted me to their seriously addicting (and off-menu) Teddy Graham Lattes! Made with Sparrow espresso, house vanilla syrup, and honey — these lattes taste like the delicious graham crackers of youth with the added adult-benefit of much-needed caffeine.

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Everything I ordered at Eastman was ready in a matter of minutes!
Eastman Egg Company Chicago 1 I’ll put money down that you can’t find another breakfast spot in the Loop serving such a healthy yet delicious spread so quickly!Eastman Egg Company Chicago 10I opted to try Eastman’s gourmet vegetarian sandwich, the Fairfax. A farm egg, Egmont cheese, sautéed bell pepper, wilted spinach, house green goddess sauce (greek yogurt, olive oil, salt mint, basil, cilantro), and a 7-grain roll?

Wow, did this little sandwich ever blow me away! The vegetables weren’t just present but played a starring role in the flavor-profile while the green goddess sauce was so good I left wondering if they would sell me a container of it… to use like ketchup… on everything… for the rest of the day.Eastman Egg Company Chicago 9Monday mornings are hard but getting a gourmet breakfast sandwich to help you get moving shouldn’t be!

With Eastman Egg Company on the scene, Chicago foodies never need to worry about going hungry in the mornings again. Just order the teddy graham latte, take a sip, close your eyes, and hear the honking sounds of Wacker Drive melt away into a state of pure Monday morning bliss.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary meal to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are my own.

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