Chop Chicago

Chop Chicago 18 There’s nothing like catching up with a good friend over a delicious meal — it’s one of life’s simplest pleasures.

You can basically sum up my priorities with the following equation:

Good Conversation + Even Better Food = True Happiness (a killer handbag you’re obsessed with and a pug that makes you happy help too).

So after weeks of summer scheduling conflicts, Katharine and I finally caught up over an incredible meal at ChopChop Chicago Opened in 2014, Chop brings true gourmet flair to the South Loop shopping corridor known as the Roosevelt Collection (there’s also a movie theater right next door with a 21+ section complete with a full-service bar).Chop Chicago 2 The interior is as fun and quirky as the location with subtle homages to the nearby train tracks in the wallpaper decor.Chop Chicago 1 The menu is simple but extensive, offering pretty much everything you could possible want from a steakhouse… plus poutine.
Chop Chicago 5 We started off with a few cocktails (after being thoroughly warned by several people that they can be addicting) including a Kir 75 for Katharine and an “All Fruits Ripe” for me.Chop Chicago 7 My cocktail was the perfect summer sipper composed of two rums, pineapple, lime, and cherry bark vanilla bitters all garnished with the cutest little paper umbrella.

Who doesn’t love a colorful umbrella in their drinks?

If you raised your hand, you should probably stop reading this blog all-together.

Cocktails served with mini umbrellas > Cocktails without them

End of story.Chop Chicago 8 Then we moved on to a beautiful array of West Coast oysters.Chop Chicago 9 Remember when Katharine finally fell in love with oysters back in February? Now we can’t stop her from ordering them!Chop Chicago 15 For our entrées we opted to try two more of Chop’s cocktails: the Epperson’s Royalty Fee and the Garlands for the Dead.Chop Chicago 17 The Epperson’s Royalty Fee consists of Titos Vodka, orange juice, orange blossom, egg white, and lemon giving it a zingy, creamy flavor that’s more complex than a traditional mimosa.
Chop Chicago 11Then our entrées arrived, with their delicious smells wafting over our table as we quickly shots some photos before diving in. Chop Chicago 10Katharine opted for this whopper of a Turkey Burger topped with roma tomatoes, arugula, and a flavorful cranberry shallot aioli. It’s basically the most gourmet, Thanksgiving-inspired burger either of us have ever seen.
Chop Chicago 12 I opted for this stunning plate of Porcini Ravioli topped in a brandy and sage sauce and drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette.

The presentation was masterly…Chop Chicago 13but the flavors even more so! The robust mushroom flavors inside the pasta perfectly complimented the sage and brandy sauce. It’s a unique flavor profile that has me excited for fall, tastes like heaven, and is the sort of dish I crave pretty much any time of the year.

Even on a hot summer day.

Our Chop experience was delicious from start to finish — be sure to read Katharine’s review here if you need more convincing!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary meal to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are my own.

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