Taking Stock No. 2

Coffee 2Enjoying: these last few weeks of summer
Listening: to my pug Apollo snoring in my lap
Wearing: my grandmother’s charm bracelets
Making: time for family and loved ones

Cooking: (well, technically blending up) my Matcha Power Smoothie Bowl
Drinking: Owen + Alchemy’s Charcoal Lemonade (obsessed!)
Feeling: like I could use a few more hours of sleep
Reading: Did Instagram Kill the Resume?

Looking: for a good sushi burrito (#sushirrito)
Wishing: my sister and I could spend all our days at Disneyworld
Liking: all the midi skirt trends coming out for fall
Waiting: for pumpkin patch season

Snacking: Caramel Sea Salt Toasted Coconut Chips
Coveting: everything in blogger Anna’s closet but especially these Louboutins
Hearing: jack hammers — Chicago has two seasons, winter & construction season
Learning: to tackle my inbox better

Loving: Catherine’s “I Will Wear What I Like” campaign for August
Watching: every Food Network show on Netflix
Admiring: the amazing haircut Jordan gave me last month
Getting: excited for my birthday dinner at Presidio

Wondering: when I’ll next make it over to Europe
Playing: Team Fortress 2 with Hubby (flamethrowers are therapeutic)
Noticing: an energy boost from my daily bee pollen (#superfood)
Giggling: over all of Hubby and I’s inside jokes (we have so many)

Bookmarking: Liz’s Chicago City Summer Guide
Deciding: on a new desk — my current one is older than I am
Hoping: winter this year will be mild, #chiberia is rough
Contemplating: glamping at Camp Dana in the next few weeks

Wanting: to hang out on more patios with Apollo
Thinking: about Apollo’s next #PugVase on Instagram
Knowing: that though it’s small, I have the most amazing family a girl could ask for
Opening: a new bottle of Nails Inc. x Victoria Beckham Bamboo White polish

Feeling: inspired and excited for the coming months
Marveling: at how quickly time flies when you do what you love

Everyone should take the time to take stock of their life! It’s such a fun exercise (and if you send me your post, I’ll link to it below!).

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