Sullivan’s Steakhouse

Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Broiled Halibut 2Sometimes I feel like Chicago is the city of steakhouses.

We have so many delicious options to choose from, each with their own spin on the tried-and-true steak dinner.

But this summer, there’s one steakhouse you shouldn’t dare miss out on.

This summer, my favorite steakhouse is Sullivan’s! Located in the heart of River North within walking distance of the Magnificent Mile, this spot may look no different from the other Chicago steakhouse options but their EPIC menu will quickly prove you wrong. Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago 1My foodie partner-in-crime Starr and I met up one evening to check out this legendary spot and try out a few of their new summer specials as well as a few tried-and-true classics.
Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago 2Starting with their ENORMOUS selection of wines and bubblies all stacked in glass rooms.Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago 3 Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago 4 Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Summer Rose CocktailBut we’d both heard insanely positive reviews about Sullivan’s cocktails so we started with this Summer Rose cocktail consisting of gin, rose liqueur, white cranberry juice, and lime.

This was hands-down one of the smoothest, most flavorful cocktails I’ve had in a long time. Our waitress mentioned that Sullivan’s is most well-known for their cocktails and a single sip of this divine nectar will tell you why!

The smooth rosy flavor is crisp and light, but still powerful. Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Summer Rose Cocktail 2 Not to mention beautiful!Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Summer Rose Cocktail 3 It even comes garnished with gold-flecked rose petals!Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Crispy Shanghai Calamari 1Next up came Sullivan’s most popular appetizer: Crispy Shanghai Calamari.Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Crispy Shanghai CalamariAn addictive Asian take on traditional fried calamari, Sullivan’s Shanghai version is coated in sweet chili glaze, bean sprouts, cherry peppers, and crushed peanuts & scallions. The flavors will practically knock you out of your chair!

Zesty, spicy and bright! The perfect summer starter (but luckily one they offer all-year long — good thing too as I have a hard time believing anyone could try this and NOT walk away addicted). 
Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Summer Mozzarella Salad 1 But nothing truly tastes more like summer than a simple tomato salad. My father used to grow several varieties of heirloom tomatoes in our backyard and our first harvest almost always went to making a simple mozzarella & tomato salad.Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Summer Mozzarella Salad 3 Sullivan’s version is exactly what this refreshing summer salad ought to be. It’s perfectly portioned, brightly colored and seriously fresh in flavor. The dressing was a beautiful play on the traditional basil used in this salad — instead it was incorporated into a pesto that was drizzled on top with the balsamic. Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Broiled Halibut 4But then… came…

Our enormous entrées!Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Broiled HalibutGenerally when I order fish at a new restaurant I stick to salmon or ahi tuna. But Sullivan’s famous “Hong Kong Style” Sea Bass was just calling my name that night.
Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Broiled Halibut 1Can you blame me?

Just look at this perfectly scrumptious little plate!

Pan-seared, served with baby bok choy and finished with a sherry-soy glaze? This is one of the simplest, loveliest fish entrées I’ve had in a long time.
Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Summer Fling Steak and Lobster 2Starr ordered Sullivan’s Summer Fling of Steak & Lobster since it felt blasphemous not to order at least one steak.

It is a STEAKhouse after all!Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Summer Fling Steak and LobsterThe Summer Fling is a HUGE entrée served with filet mignon and an entire half of a fresh Maine Lobster! Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Summer Fling Steak and Lobster 3 Just look at that meaty, juicy tail!
Sullivan's Steakhouse Chicago Steakhouse Mushrooms 1 And being MushroomStew on Instagram you had to know I’d order a side of steakhouse mushrooms too…Sullivan's Peanut Butter Black Bottom Pie 1But the real crowd-pleaser came from this special summer dessert: Peanut Butter Black Bottom Pie!Sullivan's Peanut Butter Black Bottom PieAn enormous mound of whipped peanut butter on a salty, black crumb crust all rolled in salty peanuts and drizzled in caramel. Sullivan's Peanut Butter Black Bottom Pie 2Is that not the most heavenly slice you’ve seen in a long time?

Summer is the perfect time to get out and try some new restaurants but ESPECIALLY when those restaurants have such a killer summertime menu to eat your way through. Go to Sullivan’s for the Shanghai Calamari, the Peanut Butter Pie, and their Summer Rose cocktail — I promise you’ll be thanking me!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary meal to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are my own.

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