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Luke's Lobster Chicago 13 A few years ago, I was working in finance in Chicago’s business district, affectionately termed the “Loop” by locals.

And if there’s one thing locals know about the Loop, it’s that a delicious, quick meal can be nearly impossible to find.

There are tons of options (not to mention great sit down restaurants like Adamus and Miss Ricky’s) but a grab-n-go spot offering grub that tastes more gourmet than boring?

Good luck.

Unless you’re willing to wait in a 30-minute line for a food truck. With the possibility of them selling out of everything before you can put in your order…

At least until the small seafood-shack of Luke’s Lobster hit the scene in May.

Suddenly, a quick gourmet bite is a Loop reality!

Are you ready for a little taste of Maine right on LaSalle? Luke's Lobster Chicago 3 The decor is simple with a nostalgic nod to Luke’s East Coast roots.Luke's Lobster Chicago Starr and I popped in on a rainy morning to test out whether or not this spot lived up to the hype — it did make Infatuation’s Guide to a Better Loop Lunch after all!

Their menu is small and simple — all centered around their namesake lobster with a few other shellfish options like…Luke's Lobster Chicago 17These juicy Jonah crab claws!

Luke's Lobster Chicago 5Starr and I started out with a Corn & Shrimp Bisque soup since it was rainy and cold out. #wemissyousummer

Flavorful but a little too salty for my taste (and I’m not one to shy away from sodium in soups). I’d rather have my own Salmon Chowder instead but this was still passable considering the other grab ‘n go soup options nearby.Luke's Lobster Chicago 6But the sandwiches proved to be FAR more scrumptious.Luke's Lobster Chicago 4We tried this EPIC Crab Roll first. Satisfying and delicious — this whopper of a seafood sammie could not have been simpler.

Chunky Crab and Buttery Bread.

A match made in Foodie Heaven. Luke's Lobster Chicago 11Luke's Lobster Chicago 9But it was this chunky, buttery, savory, seafoody Lobster Roll that stole our seafood-loving hearts. As far as quick lobster lunch dishes in the Loop — this is the spot to grab your claw-meat fix.

A little taste of Maine some 1,000-miles away!Luke's Lobster Chicago 15We also slurped on Mexican Cola and Blueberry Soda from Maine Roots — wayyyyy better than your typical soda fountain options (not to mention their seriously photogenic labels).Luke's Lobster Chicago 7Have you ever been to a Luke’s Lobster location? Be sure and share your experience in the comments! I’ve heard the NYC spot is even tastier (but living in the Midwest we KNOW that seafood options can’t compare to the Coasts).

Why did the lobster think it was so funny to be eaten?
Not sure, it just cracks him up!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary meal to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are my own.

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