Sprinkles Cupcake Sundaes

Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM ChicagoAlright, I’m warning you right now: if you’re on a bikini-body diet, today’s post is NOT for you.

If you have a perpetual sweet tooth that you’re trying to battle, look away now (and maybe grab my sugar-craving cure of Perrier instead).

If you’re trying to pull off your first Whole 30 — DO NOT read on!

Because today’s post is about to get pretty darn sweet!

Chicago’s Sprinkles Cupcakes just started serving their own delectable brand of ice cream! Of all the fabulous summer news we’ve had (#lovewins!), this is certainly the tastiest, not to mention the most picturesque.

Located just across the street from my favorite shop, LK Bennett, Sprinkles is a divine paradise of dessert nirvana where diet-cheaters the world over can congregate over our mutual love for the perfect frosting and distaste for anyone who reminds us we should be drinking yet another nutrient-packed green juice.

Don’t get me wrong — green juice is good. Cupcake ice cream is just better.Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago 1 To launch their new ice cream range, Sprinkles invited my darling Starr of Chicago Foodie Girl and I into the kitchen to learn how to make our very own…

wait for it…

Cupcake Sundaes! Which coincidentally are super easy to make at home — even if you don’t live near a Sprinkles.Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Inside the shop there are rows and rows of cupcakes, cupcake mixes and Sprinkles paraphernalia.Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Dog Treat They even have dog-friendly cupcakes! Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago 4But after drooling for a few moments in the front shop, Starr and I headed straight to where the true magic happens — the kitchen!Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago 3Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago 6Sprinkles Cupcakes Red Velvet Cupcakes 3Filled with plenty of adorable little cupcakes screaming “Eat Me!”. Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago 2Being true foodies we couldn’t resist the opportunity to make Red Velvet on Red Velvet Ice Cream Sundaes for our demonstration… i.e. a red velvet cupcake STUFFED to the brim with red velvet cupcake ice cream.
Sprinkles Cupcakes Ice CreamYes, I said red velvet cupcake ICE CREAM!
Sprinkles Cupcakes Red Velvet Cupcakes 1First we started with our red velvet cupcakes with signature red and mint-colored dots.Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream SundaesThen we watched a demonstration of the cupcake sundae assembly.

First you decapitate… ahem, I mean split, your cupcake top off from the base.Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 1 Next you grab a generous scoops of red velvet cupcake ice cream and stack it on top of the base in a glass container (because you definitely want to see whats going on inside).
Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 3 Mmmmm…..Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 4 Then plop the cupcake top back on!
Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 6 And voilà! A sinfully delicious treat that looks far more impressive than it is to make! Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 8 And so, so sexy sitting on the counter — just begging to be eaten!Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago 5But first Starr and I had to try our hand at making our own sundaes.Sprinkles Cupcakes Red Velvet Cupcakes 2First unwrap your cupcake.
Sprinkles Cupcakes Red Velvet Ice CreamNext grab your pint of red velvet cupcake ice cream and try, try, try not to nose dive directly into it. As much as you may want to…Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 9Grab your ice cream scoop…Sprinkles Cupcakes Red Velvet Ice Cream 1 And load ‘er up!Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 10 Adding a second scoop if you’re as gratuitous as I am!Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 11 Then top it off with the cupcake top!

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How sexy is that??Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 13 And finally, after passing our cupcake sundae examinations and getting a good shot for Instagram, we got to enjoy the sweet fruits of our labors.Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago Ice Cream Sundaes 14Oh baby… These sundaes are insanely delicious and so easy to make! Doesn’t it make you want to run and craft a cupcake sundae for yourself? Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago 10Naturally after licking our sundaes clean, Starr and I each took home a pint of ice cream and four cupcakes to continue honing in our cupcake sundae making skills at home.Sprinkles Cupcakes Chicago 9

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But you know my dessert addiction has gone TOO far when I start coordinating my shoes with my cupcakes…

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