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Silversmith Hotel ChicagoSilversmith Hotel Chicago 38 Beginning in 1872, Chicago’s Wabash Street in the Loop became known as Jeweler’s Row, a long stretch lined with every type of jewelry shop you can think of. Tucked along and under the ancient EL tracks, this street is quite a dazzling place to go window shopping with baubles of all types sparkling in displays as you walk by.

Wabash Street also houses one of Chicago’s best-kept secret boutique hotels, the Silversmith Hotel. Aptly named for its prominent spot on Jeweler’s Row and known primarily to traveling businessmen staying in the Windy City, this spot is a GEM — pun intended! — of a city secret!

Stepping through the Silversmith’s front doors is very much like stepping into a jewelry shop: what awaits you is a resplendent world of pristine marble floors, a plethora of dazzling lamps and spotlights, as well as opulent gemstone-inspired decor.Silversmith Hotel Chicago 2 Silversmith Hotel Chicago 3 Drawing heavy inspiration from the many jewelry shops surrounding it, the Silversmith feels like a nouveau mixture of old and new, with modern prints of abstracted jewelry pieces blended with a retro charm that just… works.Silversmith Hotel Chicago 39 Silversmith Hotel Chicago 4 Silversmith Hotel Chicago 12The lobby bar boasts this dazzling chandelier of dripping gold that reminds me very much of a pair of Tiffany earrings I’ve always wanted… *wink wink*. Silversmith Hotel Chicago 5The long gold chains make such a beautiful pattern all swirling around in different layered tiers. It really is magnificent to see (not to mention photograph)!
Silversmith Hotel Chicago 11I’ve mentioned before how I have this thing with beautiful floors and the Silvermith’s gray, black and ivory marble tiles won me over the moment I stepped through the doors.
Silversmith Hotel Chicago 37Silversmith Hotel Chicago 36The rest of the lobby space is opulently decorated filled with plush couches and fluffy luxe pillows as well as gorgeous silver detailing on just about every piece of furniture.
Silversmith Hotel Chicago 34Much of the Lobby space is decked out in a silver and black palette accented with the hotel’s signature ruby-red burgundy and bright gold colors. Silversmith Hotel Chicago 33 The interior is obviously influenced by the hotel’s gemstone heritage but my favorite piece is this ghost gem coffee table tucked next to the Lobby bar. An Instagram-worthy spot if I ever saw one!Silversmith Hotel Chicago 32Speaking of Instagram-worthy spots…
Silversmith Hotel Chicago 31This sparkling cocktail table…Silversmith Hotel Chicago 29Is filled with glittering swarovski crystals to tie into the jeweler’s theme further.

Can I say Instagram-worthy too much?

Not at Silversmith!Silversmith Hotel Chicago 13Silversmith Hotel Chicago 10 Silversmith’s lobby is attached directly to their sophisticated restaurant space, Adamus. These dripping chandeliers are set in the middle of a bunch of cozy yet energetic spaces partitioned off from the main dining area.

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Complete with big screen TVs and glittering ambiance, these swanky club spaces are a great place to kick back and enjoy a well-earned drink after a long day at the office.Silversmith Hotel Chicago 7 Silversmith Hotel Chicago 6The restaurant itself is beautifully renovated and gilded in silvers and grays.Silversmith Hotel Chicago 8 With some lovely tufted booths upholstered in sparkling fabric too.Adamus Restaurant Chicago Adamus Restaurant Chicago 1For a lunch menu in the Loop the selection at Adamus is alarmingly extensive with something for everyone to get excited about, even vegetarians and vegans. Head Chef Nelson Erazo is one of the most passionate chefs I’ve ever met and happily pointed out the many adjustments and tweaks they can make to the menu to accommodate pretty much any dietary restrictions.

In the Adamus kitchens, Chef Nelson and his talented team prepare most of their offerings from scratch in a brilliantly creative way (you’ll see what I mean in a moment). Most of their ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal too, giving every dish a bright freshness that is particularly rare at hotel restaurants in the Loop.

As an exciting side note: Adamus has extended their Restaurant Week menu indefinitely, giving new patrons an excellent chance to try a three course meal showcasing what makes this spot so interesting for a reasonable price!

And for those of you outside of the Windy City, you can watch Chef Nelson prepare his Bronzed Walleye Pike recipe here.
Adamus Chicago Lobster Croquettes Adamus Chicago Lobster Croquettes 2My dear friend Katharine joined me for lunch and we were both entranced together by the sheer beauty of the space and of the food.

I started off with these picturesque Lobster Croquettes served with Corn, Roasted Shallots, and a zingy Tasso Gravy that had me cleaning the plate. These were spicy, delicate and perfectly fried and I loved the elegant oblong dish — it made such an impactful impression!

If you love croquettes then come try these on a Thursday between 4 and 8 pm when Adamus runs their 3-4-3 promotion, offering three croquettes or three sliders for $3! It’s a spectacular deal considering the level of attention and love that Chef Nelson puts in to each of his dishes.
Adamus Chicago Silversmith Caesar Adamus Chicago Silversmith Caesar 4 Adamus Chicago Silversmith Caesar 6Katharine opted to try a few of their Restaurant Week selections, starting with this impressive Caesar salad.

Few restaurants can boast a Caesar that feels fresh and creative but Adamus’ signature boasts one of the most dramatic presentations and innovative takes on this tried and true favorite I’ve ever come across.

I mean just look at those Brioche ring “croutons”! Can you say crowd pleaser? Made in-house, they created such a unique platform for the baby Romaine, White Anchovy, Olives, and Pecorino Romano — I told you the food was brilliantly creative!
Adamus Chicago Lunch Skirt Steak Wrap 1Adamus Chicago Lunch Skirt Steak WrapKatharine’s Restaurant Week pick for her entrée was this delicious Skirt Steak Wrap. Bundled in a Tomato Wrap with Crisp Onions, Horseradish Crème, and Greens, the steak in this wrap was perfectly cooked with a punch of flavor that was mellowed by the cool Crème.

Oh and yes, those are house made crinkle chips! Fresh made chips are always worth seeking out and Chef Nelsons’ won’t leave you disappointed (or hungry for that matter!).Adamus Chicago Avocado Reuben Sandwich 2 Adamus Chicago Avocado Reuben Sandwich 1 Adamus Chicago Avocado Reuben Sandwich 5I grew up on Reuben sandwiches, loving their salty swiss and sauerkraut flavors balanced with the rye bread. But before my meal at Adamus, I’d never even heard of a vegetarian reuben! So I knew I had to order it, being such a devoted fan of Avocado Toast too.

Their Avocado Reuben is stuffed with House Made Sauerkraut, Fair Oaks Farms Swiss Cheese, and Gherkin Spread (not to mention it can be made vegan too!). My Polish blood couldn’t help swooning over this unique sandwich (in fairness I don’t think I’ve met a sauerkraut dish I don’t like) and the addition of the avocado made this sandwich creamy and balanced.

Even if vegetarian sandwiches aren’t your thing, give this Avocado Reuben a try — it’ll surprise you with its zing and it’s heartiness! Plus you don’t feel nearly as stuffed as with a traditional Reuben leaving room for…Adamus Chicago Warm Raspberry Chocolate Cake 1DESSERT! Katharine ordered this molten Warm Raspberry Chocolate Cake, served with Oberweis Dairy Farms Vanilla Ice Cream and Raspberry Coulis in the cutest silver spoon. Adamus Chicago Warm Raspberry Chocolate CakeAnd Chocolate Cake is always Instagram-worthy in my opinion!Adamus Chicago Lemon Panna CottaI asked our kind waitress to bring me her favorite dessert and she came back with this divine Lemon Panna Cotta with Vanilla Chantilly, served in the most adorable tea-cup. This petite dessert is the perfect finale to a large, gourmet luncheon and the chantilly was spiced with chai flavors, creating a unique compliment to the lemon flavors.

This dessert really hit the spot!

After lunch Katharine and I took the opportunity to explore the hotel further to see more of the incredible architecture and jeweler-inspired details in the rooms themselves.Silversmith Hotel Chicago 25Silversmith Hotel Chicago 26Each of the guest rooms are decked out in the silver and black palette of the rest of the hotel and are again complimented with the hotel’s signature gold and burgundy color schemes.Silversmith Hotel Chicago 23 As well as beautifully tufted silver headboards and a bed truly worth flopping on after such a delicious meal… I resisted the urge but only barely!Silversmith Hotel Chicago 24 Silversmith Hotel Chicago 27 The bathrooms come fully stocked with Molton Brown products too which happen to be one of my favorites (nothing wakes me up more in a morning shower than their Pink Pepperpod Body Wash). Silversmith Hotel Chicago 22 Not to mention these lovely light fixtures that add a touch of glamour to even the most mundane morning routine.Silversmith Hotel Chicago 28 Even the wallpapers are gilded in radiant rainbow light from the crystal-covered chandeliers. Silversmith Hotel Chicago 18 And the floor again brings back the burgundy and gold color gemstone theme.

But of all the details we saw in the Silversmith, my very favorites were their brilliantly curated selection of lamps:Silversmith Hotel Chicago 15 Silversmith Hotel Chicago 17Including these square lamps that are actually adjustable, allowing you to swing and rotate either of the crystal squares for a spotlight when needed. Ingenious!Silversmith Hotel Chicago 19 Silversmith Hotel Chicago 20An enormous thank you is due to the team at Adamus and at the Silversmith for welcoming Katharine and I so warmly for lunch. I’ve rarely met a team that so passionately advocates for their company and the unadulterated enthusiasm of Silversmith’s employees makes this spot a true hidden GEM!

With people who love and care as much about what they do as this team does, it’s impossible to not fall in love yourself.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary meal to facilitate this post. Review and all opinions are my own.

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