What’s in My Bag || Winter 2015 Edition

Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 13In October I shared my first “What’s in My Bag” post after doing a quarterly series for fun last year on Instagram. I love the idea of sharing my essentials every quarter since they change with the seasons so much!

Here’s what I’m carrying in my bag for Winter 2015:

Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 9Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 1Modalu London ‘Pippa Brogue’ Bag in Shark (gorgeous new season options here)

Gray is my go-to neutral in winter. It’s the season for salt, snow and grim here in Chicago and no color masks evidence of the harsh elements like gray. This bag is one of my all-time favorites year-round because of its great design. I love that it actually has three compartments to help me organize myself because, as you’ll see below, I carry quite a bit around in my purse.

L.K. Bennett ‘Eliza’ Houndstooth Scarf (similar under $15 here)

This versatile scarf has become my go-to accessory this winter. Houndstooth really is the ultimate winter pattern, masking dirt and grime in the most classic and versatile way. Plus the soft, luxe wool keeps me warm and the immense size of this scarf means I can wear it as a cozy shawl indoors too.

Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 5Alexander McQueen Leather Pouch in Green (available in black here)

It was Gigi who first introduced me to the power of the pouch. She has a gorgeous olive Smythson pouch (seen in this post) that holds all her essentials in a classic and understated way. So I caved and got a green pouch of my own. They’re great for throwing all your necessities into and using as a clutch or as an interior compartment in bigger bags (making purse switching a cinch). As someone who alternates through bags in a hurry, this has become a life-saver!

Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 6Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 3Smythson ‘Notes’ Pocket Notebook in Red (love these versions: here, here and here)

I pretty much only use Smythson notebooks these days. Gigi (again!) got me hooked on them last May and I’m constantly astonished as how much brutal wear and tear mine takes while still looking BRAND NEW. They’re pricey but worth it (and if you can snag one on sale, even better!).

Dr. Scholl’s Rub Relief (here)

Rub Relief is a salve you rub on your foot to act as a clear band-aid for irritating shoes. I use this in summer for strappy heels and tightly cut sandals but in winter it works wonders too. I use it on my heels when I’m about to wear stiff-cut boots for extended periods of time and also to soothe any itchy irritation from woolen socks and jamming my foot into tight boots. It’s also a life-saver when you feel yourself getting a blister!

Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 12Winter 2015 What's In My Bag QuarterlyPersonalized Watercolor Border Note Cards (here)

I’m a sucker for personalization and subtle details so when it came time to order some stationary, I fell hard for these watercolor border notecards. I carry a few with me so I can leave surprise notes in friend’s apartments, add a card to a last-minute gift or any time I just feel like leaving a fancy touch on something.

Jo Malone ‘Wood Sage and Sea Salt’ Cologne (here)

Yup, I’m still toting around the same cologne as I did last quarter. I’m addicted to most Jo Malone colognes but this Wood Sage and Sea Salt scent has elevated that addiction into a downright obsession. The scent is surprisingly gender neutral, evoking the British coast with a salty, mineral clarity that haunts you for days. Hubby absolutely loves whenever I wear this and, I have to say, it smells pretty darn spectacular on him as well.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipcolor in Beso (waitlist here)

Since I’ve been wearing this Stila Beso color in practically every outfit post recently, you may have already guessed that it’s become part of my winter uniform. I am a huge fan of red lipstick the whole year round but in winter my lips get pale and lifeless-looking and with the rest of my pale complexion the effect can be ghastly! Red Lipstick is my secret weapon for standing out in winter in a sophisticated way while sneakily preventing my entire face from matching the snow outside.

Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 7Fresh Flowers

Everyone needs a pick-me-up in winter (especially in February when the year’s shortest month somehow feels like the longest) — my favorite is always fresh flowers! This winter we’ve been very lucky and had an enormous winter selection including spring tulips in January (I couldn’t believe it!) so I’ve been filling the house with them. Just remember to trim them on an angle everyday and change their water so they last as long as possible. TIP: If you drop a penny in a vase with tulips, the tulips will stand up straight!

Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 11Dr. Lipp Nipple Lip Balm (here)

I’ve already told you how addicted I am to this lip balm (twice) but it’s so fantastic that it deserves yet another mention. In winter, this is smooth lip balm is gold! It keeps your lips glossy and hydrated while protected through even the worst blizzards. I never leave home without at least one tube in my arsenal.

Bobbi Brown Face Touch-Up Stick (here)

I always carry a concealer pen and this is the smallest yet most effective coverage formula I’ve found. Bobbi Brown is a great brand for concealers too since they have a wide-range of colors, even for the most pale of us (**Yours truly**).

Small Altoids (here)

When you drink as much coffee and tea as I do, it’s just common courtesy to frequently use breath-fresheners. So I always have a pack of Altoids in my bag to freshen up with. You’re welcome!

Winter 2015 What's In My Bag Quarterly 8Le Specs ‘Peach Pit’ Cat-Eye Sunglasses in Black (here)

Yup, been wearing these sunnies a lot too and for good reason — I’ve searched for an elegant, understated cat-eye pair for what feels like ages! This pair is classic, versatile and so far impressively scratch-resistant. And as far as Net-A-Porter sunglasses go, these are by FAR the most wallet-friendly!

Not pictured?

My iPhone, iPhone portable battery (a must!), gloves (currently living in these), and a compact umbrella (I’m still carrying the same one I wrote about in October).

Your Turn!

Purses and their contents are so personal. The things women chose to carry everyday reveal so much about who they are and what they value. Which is why I’m inviting any bloggers reading this and up for the project to do their own “What in My Bag: Winter 2015” post to be collected in a round-up below. I love to see what other bloggers carry with them (I always learn something)! Email me or send me a twitter message when you’re done with your post and I’ll add it to the list. I can’t wait to read them!

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