February Blues

LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 47Since it’s the last day of London Fashion Week, I thought this outfit, featuring three of my favorite British brands (LK Bennett, Beulah London and Dune London), would be the perfect send off. While this is by no means what I would actually wear to fashion week, it’s just about as festive as I can get while still remaining practical in our brutal Midwest winter.
LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 4 LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 34 LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 3 LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 36Zara LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 1LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 6 LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 38LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 7LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 44LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 43LK Bennett Darwin Beulah London 40Zara LK Bennett Darwin Beulah LondonJacket – LK Bennett ‘Darwin’ in Chocolate Shearling (currently out of stock here, similar here)
Scarf – Beulah London ‘Aliyah’ in Dark Fractured Blossom (similar here and here)
Jeans – J Brand ‘Misfit’ Crops (on sale here and here and in a new color here)
Heels – Dune London ‘Appoint’ in Baby Blue (ON SALE here, worn in nude suede here)
Purse – Zara ‘City’ in Navy (updated in gorgeous black croc here)
Gloves – Warmen (currently unavailable but loving this new bow option here)
Sunglasses – Le Specs ‘Peach Pit’ in Black (mentioned previously here, available here)
Lips – Stila Stay All Day in Beso (waitlist here)
Nails – Deborah Lippmann Tiptoe Through the Tulips (mentioned here, available on sale here)
Photos courtesy of chic blogger Anna

I’ve mentioned how much I love this coat before and with good reason — it’s the warmest thing I own!! I’ve practically lived in it these past few weeks, putting it through some brutal wear and tear without any noticeable damage. And when I think about the wardrobe investments that have actually impacted my life in a substantial way, this coat always deserves a mention.

February is a difficult month for even the hardiest Midwesterners. On average, the temperatures are well below freezing and hibernation becomes a way of life. Trips out-of-doors are few and far between. As a native Chicagoan who never even developed that hearty resistance to cold that so many others here seem to have (I can’t tell you how many people I see walking around in thin windbreakers when I’m in this coat or a puffer, bundled up to a T), investing in the warmest coat imaginable was the gift of winter liberation. This coat is single-handedly preventing me from permanent February hibernation! I no longer fear the notoriously icy-stabbing winds off Lake Michigan and I have yet to meet a day, this winter or last, when this coat didn’t keep me warm.

Anything that blends practicality with beauty will always be a wardrobe investment worth making.

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