6 Polishes for Spring 2015

Spring 2015 Nail Polish Picks It’s that time of year when I’m seriously yearning for the seasons to just change already! I had the exact same problem in August when I wanted fall to arrive. Ultimately, I solved my summer seasonal anticipation disorder (am I the only one who suffers from this?) with nail polish! Now that it’s February and I am practically counting down the hours until spring arrives, I’ve naturally turned again to polish to solve my craving.

For Spring 2015, I’m embracing pops of bright pastels, clean ‘n classic whites and dark navies for when I’m feeling moody. After coming out of hibernation in spring, I always opt for versatility and personality in my wardrobe so my spring polish picks are following suit.

And since we have just about a month left of winter (officially… please please let the weather say differently), who couldn’t use a pop of polish to help them through the chill? My philosophy is, when the weather won’t cooperate, at least paint the season you want on your nails.

When in doubt, polish on the polish and battle the fierce climes with sherbet colored nails!

(FROM LEFT TO RIGHT)Spring 2015 Nail Polish Picks 1 Deborah Lippmann in Amazing Grace (here)

The ultimate CLASSIC. This white polish is a must-have all year round but come spring, there’s something about this minimal but all-encompassing shade that is downright obsession inducing. White lends a clean and sophisticated look to any winter or spring ensemble, not to mention the fact that if you have stubby fingers like I do, white polish really elongates them. A slimming polish if I ever saw one! This particular formula is WICKEDLY fabulous too: opaque after two coats and resists chips like a champ.

Last worn here and here.

Spring 2015 Nail Polish Picks 4Deborah Lippmann in Blue Orchid (here)

Pastel blue polish is something I never tried until this year and WOW was I ever missing out! So fresh and surprisingly versatile if you wear a lot of blue like I do. The color is so fun and cheerful on that people really do seem to notice. I’ve had more people ask me what polish I was wearing when I wore this than any other. And since it’s Deborah Lippmann the coverage is opaque in two coats with a creamy finish and is fantastically chip-resistant. At least for me (as in, it lasted 48 hours!).

Deborah Lippmann in Tip-Toe Through the Tulips (ON SALE here)

Sherbet in a polish! This hue is like a nostalgic creamsicle melted all over your finger tips — just looking at this polish makes you feel a warm summer-y glow wash over you. Any polish that makes you instantly crave a Margherita in winter is a necessity in my book! And again the formula is smooth with a creme finish though I have found this shade to be prone to more chipping than other Deborah Lippmann hues. But for the $10 sale price it’s totally worth it.

Chanel Le Vernis in No. 521 Rose Caché (here)

The perfect wear-all dusty rose color for spring. More surprising and apropos than nude, but still just as versatile. This color has been a spring staple of mine for the last three years. It’s a subdued rosy pink with great formula, coverage and longevity. This color is especially attractive on fair skin tones, blending into pale coloring so well that you don’t see chips for a few days. This shade also looks good with a top coat of sparkles, as seen here.Spring 2015 Nail Polish Picks 3Chanel Le Vernis in No. 461 Blue Satin (currently unavailable)

Navy nails are one of my favorite things for spring. I alternate my wardrobe neutrals with the seasons: fall is chocolate-brown, winter is black and spring is navy so this hue is perfect to wear as I wait out the chilly weather. My mother bought me this polish in college and I’ve been obsessed for years! Indoors it can appear dark, almost black but in the sunlight proves it to be a complex and brilliant navy that has almost a patent-leather effect. And as far as dark polishes go, this one is surprisingly easy to apply.

Nails Inc. x Victoria, Victoria Beckham in Bamboo White (here)

I’ve saved the very best for last! This hue is the perfect cross between white, nude and pastel pink. What I would like to dub the ultimate neutral color for spring! I’ve worn this polish soooooooo much since purchasing it at Christmas, it’s embarrassing. In fact, I’ve even debated buying a second bottle to have a back-up stash of this polish. It is limited edition after all! The brush is very wide so is difficult to apply if you, like me, have small finger nails. But the coverage is excellent and the longevity is superb.

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