Taking Stock

Taking Stock Sed Bona 2015Enjoying: Berry Detox Tea Everyday.
Listening:Changes‘ by David Bowie.
Wearing: Nails Inc. x Victoria, Victoria Beckham Nail Polish in ‘Bamboo White’.
Making: Serious Progress Upgrading My Home Studio — Better Blog Photos Coming Soon!
Cooking: Zucchini Pizzas.
Drinking: Perrier ‘Pink Grapefruit‘ Sparkling Water, One of My 5 Daily Essentials
Feeling: Like I Need A Warm Vacation.
Reading: Lots of New, Inspiring Blogs on Bloglovin’ — See Who I’m Following On My Profile
Looking: For A Creative Adventure.
Wishing: For Sandal Weather.
Liking: Hanging Out with Hubby and the Pugs
Waiting: For An Epiphany.
Snacking: On Raw Tuna Niçoise Endive Appetizers.
Coveting: Maki Rolls and Black Cod at Roka Akor.
Hearing: Good Things About This Topcoat.
Learning: More and More HTML Each Day.
Loving: These Two!
Watching: Victoria Beckham’s 73 Questions Interview.
Admiring: This Prada Suede Bag… #suede swoon.
Getting: Excited for Spring… Already.
Wondering: At the Beauty of the World.
Playing: With My Pugs… Duh!
Noticing: Stronger Core Muscles.
Giggling: At This Video.
Bookmarking: Camel Coats for Spring.
Deciding: What To Make for Dinner.
Hoping: For Less Violence in the World.
Contemplating: Buying This Lens.
Wanting: To Have a Hibernation Party this January — PJs ONLY!
Thinking: About Planning Another Trip to London.
Knowing: That I Can Accomplish Anything, Once I’ve Had My Morning Coffee.
Opening: Fresh Bag of Intelligentsia Coffee (see above).
Feeling: Creative — Lots of Exciting Projects Planned in the Coming Weeks!
Marveling: How Much Can Change in a Single Year.

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